Procedure No. 915.1
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Work Requests

The Facilities Management Department operates a fully computerized work order program for systematically providing routine repairs and maintenance to the College facilities, infrastructure and equipment.

  1. Work requests must be submitted to the Facilities Management Office in writing via the "Work Request" form. ((See 915.1-Supplement 1) Requests received on improper forms shall be returned to the requester.
  2. Work Request forms are available from Central Stores and will be charged to individual budgets.
  3. Verbal requests will not be accepted except in the case of extreme emergencies.
  4. Upon receipt of a Work Request, the Facilities Management Office shall assign a work order number and a "due by" date. The request shall be entered into our work order system, assigned to an employee and returned to the sender for his/her record.
  5. The requestor should always refer to the work order number when mailing inquiries on status.
  6. The "due by" date is determined by the following priorities and set by Facilities Management:
    Emergency - within 24 hours
    Urgent - within 48 hours
    1 - within 1 week
    2 - within 2 weeks
    3 - within 3 weeks
    4 - within 4 weeks
    5 - No rush, time permitting
  7. Upon completion of work request, the request is returned to the office and entered into the history file as complete. The requester will receive a "Work Completion" form as verification that the job is completed. (See Supplement 2, No 915.1)


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