Procedure No. 915.3
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Requesting Non-routine Services

Non-routine services are generally departmental services which are not funded in the Facilities budget and, therefore, are chargeable to the requester or other identifiable funds. These services would include renovations, alterations, painting and cleaning outside of normal schedules, additional power requirements, additional lighting, shelves, furniture, counters and cabinets.

  1. Minor non-routine requests such as cleaning, shelves, painting, etc. can be submitted to Facilities Management via normal "Work Request" form (See Supplement 1, No. 915.1 below).
  2. The Facilities Management Office will prepare an estimate to include material and labor and submit estimate to requester for approval. Approval shall be in the form of a backcharge authorization as described in Procedure No. 902.2.
  3. Once authorized, the project will be scheduled. Routine services take precedent over departmental requests.

Major projects requiring renovations, alterations and/or remodeling must be submitted to the Facilities Management Office via the "Project Approval and Work Request" form (See Supplement 1, No. 915.3 below). It is imperative that the Facilities Management Department know the exact condition of the College facilities at all times. Therefore, Facilities Management must be advised of any planned construction, alterations of, or additions to any structure, utility or grounds area. Outside contractors are not permitted to perform services on, or to, the facilities, grounds or utilities without obtaining prior approval from the Facilities Management Office.


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