Procedure No. 915.3 - Supplement 1
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Project Approval and Work Request Form

                             Atlantic Cape Community College           
                         (other than normal maintenance)
P.A.W.R. BY Dept./Div.____________________________ Date_________Job No__________
APPROVAL - Dept./__________________________ President___________________________
           Faculty Coordinator              
                                    Senior Staff Member_________________________
1.  Description of proposed project (for justification):
2.  Space analysis of proposed project:  Existing______________New______________
3.  a. Material list, costs, etc. (more space - use back of sheet):
    b.  Man Hours:   Estimated _______________ Actual_______________
    c.  Total Cost:  Estimated _______________ Actual$______________
Director of
Facilities Management Recommendation:          President________________________
                                          Dean of Admin./ 
                                        Business Services_______________________
                                                Budgetary $_____________________
Director of Business Services:
_______ Formal Bid
_______ Quotations (written)
_______ Phone Pricing


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