Procedure No. 915.6
Area: Facilities Management

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Vehicle Accessibility

All College-owned cars, trucks, vans, buses and other motor vehicles shall be controlled and kept in service by the Maintenance Department's automotive mechanic. When available, they may be used by other departments/divisions for college-related purposes on a cost basis and on other terms as may reasonably be established by the Director of Facilities Management.

College Vans and Cars - These vehicles may be used by college employees on college-related business subject to availability of vehicles under the procedural requirements as follows:

  1. Requesters can phone in a vehicle reservation to the Facilities Management Office. The office will pencil in your request and hold it for 24 hours while you process your written "Vehicle Request" form (see 915.6-Supplement 1). Failure to submit a written request will nullify your verbal reservation.
  2. The "Vehicle Request" form must be fully completed and include budget number and authorization signature or it will be denied and returned.
  3. The requesting department is fully bound and agreeable to all terms, conditions and payments as stated on the "Vehicle Request" form.
  4. The driver must be a College employee over twenty-one years of age and have a valid New Jersey Driver's License with a good driving record. The driver must be approved by the College insurance carrier (See 915.6-Supplement 2).
  5. College-owned vehicles can not be driven to and from an employee's home or parked overnight at an employee's home.
  6. Fuel and maintenance services will be provided by the Maintenance Department. Any necessary outlays for fuel or service while enroute will be reimbursed to the employee upon submission of an expense report with receipts.
  7. All vehicles are supplied with a free full fuel tank. Additional fuel while enroute can be charged to the College credit cards and billed to the using department. Fuel tanks do not need to be filled prior to returning vehicle.
  8. In the event of an accident involving a college vehicle off campus, a report will be made immediately to the local or state police. Explicit instructions for such an event, with report forms and insurance information, will be found in the glove compartment of each college vehicle.

College Trucks and Buses - These vehicles are available to College employees on college-related business subject to availability of vehicles under the procedural requirements as follows:

  1. Trucks are rented to College departments/divisions and activities on a mileage and hourly driver-wage basis. Trucks will be furnished only with driver. Trucks may be reserved by a telephone call to the Facilities Management Office. A confirming letter from the appropriate dean, director, department/division chairperson or administrator of the particular activity giving details of the trip, including account number to receive charges, must be received at this office prior to the trip.
  2. Buses are rented only with a driver on an established hourly chargeback rate. A telephone call to the Facilities Management Office will tentatively reserve the bus. A "Vehicle Request" form (See 915.6-Supplement 1) properly filled out and authorized, giving details of the trip and account number to receive charges, must be received by this office prior to the trip. Bus driver travel expenses will be charged in addition to the established bus chargeback rate. Driver must be provided meals, entrance to all activities, and overnight accommodations (when necessary), plus all toll monies.
  3. Procedural requirements for the use of College cars that are pertinent will also apply to the use of trucks and/or buses.
(For additional information see Student Development Services Operations Manual)


Vehicle Request Form Supplement 1, No. 915.6
Driver Summary Form for Insurance Purposes Supplement 2, No. 915.6
Fuel Dispensing Control No. 915.7

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