Policy No. 918

Area: Campus Safety and Security

Description: Security Qualification and Training

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:5/26/09


Security personnel are required to be sensitive to the higher education environment. They must have a good understanding of the criminal justice system and of the civil liability process that might affect the institution. Personnel shall be knowledgeable and sensitive to others' civil rights and how these rights affect the individual and the institution. Department members must have the ability to deal with emergencies and be able to handle difficult personal situations. Security personnel shall have the capability to understand and implement institutional policies and procedures.

All Atlantic Cape Community College security personnel shall be engaged in procedures upgrading thorough knowledge and understanding of security and law enforcement by enrolling in appropriate training programs when possible or as required.

All Atlantic Cape Community College Security Department members shall be thoroughly trained in:

  • college policy and procedures
  • civil liability in relation to the institution
  • basic civil rights
  • campus security and fire equipment
  • first aid and CPR
  • facility locations and functions
  • basic customer service
  • campus surveillance, security and fire detection systems
  • proper report writing
  • procedures for interrogation and investigative techniques

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