Policy No. 923

Area: Campus Safety and Security
Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:5/26/09

Reaffirmed: 09/27/16


Description: Parking

Atlantic Cape Community College makes every attempt to provide safe, on-site parking to all students, staff and visitors. However, this is not a guarantee that parking is available at every site. Parking spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Parking lots are lighted and patrolled by campus security officers. However, parking is always at the individual's own risk. All members of the College community are obligated to abide by the published parking rules and regulations. Violations of said rules will result in monetary fines and possible loss of parking privileges.

The Security Department shall be responsible for vehicle traffic and pedestrian safety within the jurisdiction of the Atlantic Cape facilities. Some areas of responsibility are:

  • all motor vehicle regulations regarding speed limits and parking crosswalks and pedestrian travel
  • reporting to Facilities Department unsafe road conditions and possible hazards congestion and traffic control.



Parking Procedures and Regulations No. 923.1
Atlantic Cape Vehicle Registration Information Supplement 1, No. 923.1
Atlantic Cape Warning Ticket Supplement 2, No. 923.1
Campus Summons Supplement 3, No. 923.1
Parking Decal No. 923.2

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