Policy No. 925

Area: Human Resources/ Security

Description: Medical and Other Emergencies

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 7/28/09, 11/27/12

Atlantic Cape Community College Security personnel are all trained in first aid, CPR and general emergency procedures. In addition, the College offers limited medical services through the College Health Services Office. Nurse's hours are limited and subject to change.

It is the policy of Atlantic Cape Community College to assist in medical emergencies by comforting, stabilizing and assisting the injured party, until medical professionals can arrive or the victim can be transported. All other emergencies (fire, bomb threat, civil disorder, etc.) shall be handled by the Security Department.

It is not the policy of the Security Department to provide medical transport. Under normal circumstance, medical transport shall be via ambulance, or victim's designee.


Emergency Procedures No. 925.1

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