Procedure No. 925.1
Area: Human Resources

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:

Description: Emergency Procedures

A. Medical Injury

  1. Contact the Security Department immediately. Indicate the nature of the injury, the precise location of the injured party and precisely answer any questions asked by the Security Officer.
  2. Comfort the individual, protect them (and others) from further injury, and offer first aid if possible.
    a. DO NOT MOVE THE INJURED PARTY unless necessary to protect against further injury.
  3. Security Department shall contact the College Nurse and assist in transporting him/her to the injured party.
  4. Security Department shall call for outside medical assistance if required.
  5. Security shall have full jurisdiction at the scene of the accident until police and/or medical assistance arrives.
  6. Security shall be responsible for administering first aid, CPR and oxygen (if needed) until the arrival of medical support services.
  7. Security shall secure the immediate area and obtain as much information as possible regarding the injury and the victim. All information shall be recorded on the Investigation Report.
B. Fire Emergencies
  1. Sound the fire alarm by pulling one of the pull stations.
  2. Evacuate the building.

C. Bomb Threat and Civil Disorder

  1. Report situation immediately to the Security Department.
  2. Security shall immediately notify the Director of Facilities Management and the College President.

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