Policy No. 110

Area: Human Resources, Academics

Adopted: 3/24/2009

Description: 60% Work Load for Teaching Staff

The viability and vitality of an educational institution depends greatly upon the ability of its teaching staff to teach and grow as teachers. The 60% work load for fulltime teachers exists in large part to invite and encourage the service that will meet these needs.

The Academic Affairs department shall be responsible for the initial processing of requests made by fulltime teachers for a 60% work load for up to one semester for the purpose of completing the final stage of doctoral studies at an accredited institution in a field related to the applicant's instructional charge (see Education Association bargaining unit agreement for work load definitions).

To the extent permitted by law, any teaching staff member granted a 60% work load shall retain all insurance and other benefits and shall continue to maintain service time. The employee shall receive 60% of his/her compensation throughout the duration of the 60% work load request. The employee shall be permitted to pay individual (personal) contributions to all existing plans requiring such contributions, provided these contributions are not contrary to law.

Final approval shall be at the discretion of the college's Board of Trustees whose decision shall be deemed final.

See Procedure No. 110.1