Procedure No. 24.1

Area: Board of Trustees

Approved: 5/26/09

Description: President's Performance Evaluation

The evaluation of the President is conducted annually by the college's Board of Trustees.

  • July/August: Summary Evaluation

The President Evaluation Committee (PEC) of the Board of Trustees completes prior year Summary Evaluation (see Supplement 24.4) based on:

  • Self -evaluation from President (derived from previous year's agreed upon goals) and includes suggested president's goals and institutional goals for coming year (see Supplement 24.5)
  • Completed performance appraisal rating forms from Board of Trustees (see Supplement 24.2)

The Summary Evaluation consists of committee-developed, written responses to the following three questions:

  • What are the President's greatest strengths as he/she continues to lead Atlantic Cape?
  • What areas, with respect to meeting the mission of Atlantic Cape, would you recommend for continued support of the president's professional development?
  • What is your general assessment of the president's performance, including particularly his most recent year?

The PEC shares the Summary Evaluation in a meeting with the President. The outcomes of that meeting include:

  • Majority agreement on Summary Evaluation
  • Majority agreement on President's goals for coming year
  • Majority agreement on institutional goals for coming year
  • Majority agreement on President's remuneration package for the upcoming year (see Supplement 24.1)

The PEC then makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees with respect to the President's goals and remuneration for the upcoming year at the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees.

  • January/ February: Mid-year Summary of Goals

A mid-year summary of the status of progress on the president's goals is prepared by the president and shared with the President's Evaluation Committee (See Supplement 24.3)

  • July/August: Summary Evaluation

Performance evaluation cycle continues.

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