Internal Communications

There are several ways to communicate with the college community.

Atlantic Cape CommuniCator

The Atlantic Cape CommuniCator, the employee newsletter, is updated regularly. Please visit daily for the most up-to-date headlines.

Items must be of general interest to the college community and should be submitted to

Calendar of Events

The college's Calendar of Events is a searchable database available from the top right corner of the college's website: Select Calendar, scroll down to the lower left corner and select Add Event Form. Complete the form and select Submit. An email will be sent to Stacey Clapp for approval to post the event. Be sure to include a contact name and phone number in case more information is needed.

Collegewide Email

The College Relations office sends collegewide emails to announce urgent matters, including power outages, weather closures and IT-related information. Campus events that cannot be publicized in another manner may also be promoted. Collegewide emails must reference an event on campus or related to the college.

Before requesting a collegewide email for an event/activity, the event/activity should first be entered on the Web calendar by emailing Stacey Clapp. Please provide advance notice when requesting a collegewide email, as other communication vehicles like the CommuniCator may be more appropriate. Collegewide emails cannot include attachments.

Requests for sending a collegewide email should be sent to

Electronic Signboard on Rt. 322

To submit a listing on the electronic signboard at the entrance to the Mays Landing Campus, contact Stacey Clapp, ext. 5632, or email at least one week in advance.