Institutional Effectiveness Plan

Atlantic Cape Community College is committed to demonstrating accountability and continuous improvement to all of its stakeholders, including its Board of Trustees, students, faculty/staff and governing authorities. To accomplish this, the college has implemented a process that ensures the Middle States Characteristics of Excellence are fulfilled.

Atlantic Cape Community College worked with the internal and external stakeholders to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to address the needs of the community. The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan includes four strategic goals that support the new mission and vision of the College. These goals are ambitious, measurable and achievable. The 2017-2021 Institutional Effectiveness Plan will reflect the implementation of the new strategic plan and the assessment of educational quality and student learning outcomes.

Atlantic Cape Community College defines assessment as the systematic and ongoing process of collecting information for improving the overall effectiveness of the institution. This process includes:

  • Establishing a clear statement of institutional mission and goals;
  • Identifying clear and measurable outcomes tied to the goals;
  • A systematic approach to gathering data and comparing results
  • Using assessment results to inform decision-making and the allocation of institutional resources effectively.

Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Goals

Goal Atlantic Cape Institutional Goals for 2017-2021 Middle States Standard
Connect 2, 3, 4
Plan 4, 5

2, 3, 4, 5

Lead 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

2017-2021 Institutional Effectiveness Plan

2012-2016 Institutional Effectiveness Plan