Cross Functional Advisory Planning Committees

Atlantic Cape Community College in an effort to enhance its comprehensive planning and resource allocation model, focused on institutional effectiveness and renewal, developed a cross-functional advisory committee planning infrastructure. This cross-functional infrastructure brings together input and competencies from college-wide stakeholders in support of the implementation of the College's Strategic Plan and in addressing emerging issues that have college-wide impact.

The main purpose of each cross functional advisory committee is to build communication and teamwork in the development and support of the implementation of institutional plans (strategic, long term and short term). Outcomes from each cross-functional committee include a description of recommended efficiencies, existing system strengths and deficiencies and recommended resource solutions and assessment of effectiveness to support Atlantic Cape Community College mission and the achievement of Institutional Goals.






  • Information Technology
    • Mission Statement: Develop and recommend Atlantic Cape's Technology tactical action plan every two years which addresses technological needs/requirements from the college community, sets priorities for identified needs and advances Atlantic Cape Community College towards its institutional goal of "using technology as an enabling tool for learning and institutional effectiveness."
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