Culinary Careers

There's a culinary job type to suit just about every lifestyle. With culinary training, you can stay near home, live in another country, or work in the travel industry, on land, sea or air. Choose a traditional role in hotels, restaurants and hospitality, or explore one of the newer types of culinary and foodservice jobs. Some areas that brim with opportunity now:

Culinary Careers

  • Executive chef
  • Kitchen manager
  • Pastry chef
  • Restaurant owner
  • Food & beverage manager
  • Personal chef
  • Food critic
  • Television chef
  • Culinary instructor
  • Food stylist/photographer
  • Product research & development specialist
  • Caterer
  • Cookbook author
  • Wedding cake designer
  • Banquet planner
  • Corporate chef
  • Franchise owner or manager
  • Chain restaurant owner or manager
  • Kitchen designer
  • Brokering

Personal Chefs and Caterers

There's growing demand for chefs who can cook for a household, part time or full time. Busy people also enlist chefs for their in-home entertaining. Locally, opportunities are growing along the South Jersey shore, with calls coming in to the college for both of these job types. Prepare with any of the culinary programs.

Pastry Chefs

Beautiful pastries and cakes are small indulgences that people grant themselves these days. There's growing demand for pastry chefs - preparing elaborate wedding cakes for retail and catering, working in retail stores and even operating their own shops. Prepare with an associate degree in baking and pastry or specialization certificate in baking and pastry.

Assisted Living

Upscale living facilities advertise the quality of food and dining, as a way to draw clients. In these positions, your job is to prepare delicious food that meets nutritional guidelines. Hours: Typically 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. Prepare with an associate degree in foodservice management? or a specialization certificate in foodservice management.

Chains and Franchises

Managing a chain restaurant or franchise can bring a rewarding salary and lots of opportunity to move up. If you love a challenge, have high energy, and like variety, you might like this type of job, where you're responsible for the bartenders as well as kitchen staff, the customer service, the profit-and loss. Prepare with the Academy's associate degree in foodservice management or specialized certification in foodservice management.