European Excursions

Visiting another country first-hand, you can taste, smell, touch and see what's unique about the culture and cuisine. The optional European Excursion immerses you for a week in local flavor, with local and regional experts as your guides. Past trips have gone to Tuscany and Vienna. Students will tour the sites and enjoy the tastes of Paris in March 2007.

During previous trips students have:

Vienna Trip
  • Attended hands-on cooking classes at a the leading Viennese culinary institute and at a world-famous restaurant
  • Watched preparation of a famous Viennese pastry
  • Explored the outdoor produce markets in Tuscany for local specialties
  • Enjoyed gourmet dinners in Rome
  • Visited Vienna's largest meat market, a leading Austrian brewery, and a local vinegar maker
  • Toured Vienna and heard the Vienna Orchestra in concert.