Chef slicing a ripe tomato

Cape May Culinary Arts Certificate Program

Earn a Culinary Arts I Certificate in only a year. Culinary classes run from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students must take 2 general education classes to complete certification.

REGISTER NOW for this program to receive $2,500 in exclusive scholarships and a free knife kit (a $240 value)*.

Additional financial aid and scholarships are available to those who qualify.

Class space is limited. Reserve your spot today by registering in person or contact Judy DeSalvo at (609) 343-5624 or

You can find more information about the Culinary Arts Certificate Program here.


Available Class Offerings

CULN-111 Culinary Fundamentals
This course will introduce new culinarians to culinary terminology, cooking methods, basic tools and equipment, and basic knife cutting skills.

CULN-113 Fundamentals of Garde Manger
Learn the proper techniques, preparation, presentation, and sensory evaluation of a variety of courses.

CULN-114 Purchasing/Inventory/Cost Mgt.
This course introduces purchasing strategies and concepts of food and beverage cost control.

CULN-125 Kitchen Foundations
This course focuses on stocks, soups and sauces with emphasis on quality ingredients that lead to a better finished product.

CULN-134 Breakfast Cookery
Learn the fundamental importance of the egg and the many roles it plays in various breakfast dishes.

CULN-145 Vegetables/Plant-Based Cuisine
The course covers all basic cooking techniques through the use of vegetables, starches, grains and vegetarian lifestyles.

HOSP-132 Food Serv Sanitation
Examines the causes and prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks. Includes methods of food handling, receiving, preparation, service, food allergens and food safety regulations and standards.