Surveillance for Casino Games Employees with Table Games Knowledge


This program prepares potential surveillance officers on the aspects of slot machine and table games that lend themselves to cheating and criminal activity. Surveillance officers are responsible for monitoring all activities for an entire facility. They ensure gaming laws and internal employer policies are followed, and that suspicious or criminal activity is investigated. This course is designed for existing casino games people that have table game knowledge.

This program includes instruction in:

  • Loss Prevention and Risk Management: Cage & Accounting Operations, Claims Investigations, Food & Beverage, Retail, Homeland Security & Emergency Response, Internal Theft and Fraud, Warehouse and Purchasing, and Workplace Violence Prevention.
  • Surveillance Methodology: Camera Skills and Techniques, Card Counting and Basic Strategy, Conflict Resolution, Investigations, Evidence Gathering and Control, Security Surveillance, Surveillance Operation, and Surveillance Liabilities.

SURV-102 (100 hours)-Worthington Atlantic City Campus, Caesars Entertainment Wing
Fee $1,199 (Tuition $1,129, Materials $70)
9 a.m.-2 p.m.

  • Section-AW01-beginning September 9 (ends October 10)