College and Career Pathways Programs

Math Boot Camp

The Math Boot Camp provides selected students with a tuition-free option to complete either one or two developmental math courses. This is a one-week course where students use diagnostic and prescriptive software, MyFoundationsLab, to accelerate their progress through the developmental sequence of courses. Students are only required to complete prescribed modules for the topics where the diagnostic found they were weak. By reducing the amount of time it takes students to complete the developmental math courses, students have the opportunity to enroll in and complete college-level math courses in fewer semesters. This workshop is slated to be offered during Atlantic Cape’s winter and summer breaks, based on available funding. Eligible students will receive information along with an invitation to register before these sessions.

Career Portfolio Development Course

Prerequisite: This process begins with a pre-assessment meeting to determine if the career portfolio course is the best option.

Atlantic Cape students can earn credit for prior college-level learning outside the traditional classroom setting and apply it toward an associate degree. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) refers to any knowledge acquired outside the college classroom that may be eligible for college credit.

For example, if a student has experience as a restaurant manager, that student might be able to demonstrate college-level learning about hospitality sales and marketing or human resources management. This course will help students develop a portfolio to document their college-level learning for review by a qualified evaluator. This course has continuous enrollment where students can start the program at any time and complete a portfolio in 16 consecutive weeks.

PATH-101 (48 hours)
Fee: $359 (Fee includes evaluation of the completed portfolio.)

  • Section OW01P-Online classroom (Some face-to-face meetings are required.)
    Ongoing enrollment. To get started, call (609) 343-5655.