Computer Technician Specialist

Computer Technician Specialist

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The Computer Technician Specialist is a two-semester series designed for students who are interested in acquiring concentrated core knowledge and a practical set of skills including computer hardware and software, network, and network security for employment or advancement in a variety of computer system support fields. Students will be eligible and required to sit for industry certification exams such as CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+.  Also, courses completed in this professional series fulfill five out of the twelve core program courses in the Computer Systems Support, A.A.S. degree. 

Note: Credits may be awarded for prior professional experience (contact advisor for additional information regarding PLA).

For additional information, please contact area coordinator Svetlana Marzelli, at (609) 343-5017 or

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Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Employ critical-thinking and analytical skills to design and implement network computer systems;
  • Explain and contrast the different types of system maintenance in both the network and personal computer systems;
  • Utilize a network of peers to keep in touch with new technologies and guidance when needed;
  • Engage in analytical thinking and logical skills to conduct in deployment, maintenance, and use of both network and individual computer systems.
program requirements
Courses Credits
CISM125-Introduction to Computers
CISM130-Using PC Operating Systems
CISM146-Computer Networking
CISM149-Computer Hardware
CISM295-Internship for Information Technology