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 Email tutoring services for information or assistance.


 All tutoring services now available Online. It's FREE!

Online tutoring is available through your Blackboard account. Your options are explained below. Access to tutoring services has never been so convenient!

Many of Atlantic Cape’s summer classes have specific tutors assigned to the class, in Blackboard. Ask your instructor if you’re not sure. Connect with your in-class tutor by Blackboard message any time if you have course questions or wish to arrange for a live one-to-one meeting.

All students, especially those whose courses do not have an assigned tutor, are encouraged to utilize free tutoring services through NetTutor, also available in Blackboard. Follow the “Tutoring Services” option in your Blackboard “My Courses” list.
NetTutor is an external tutoring service provider. Their staff are available to you for live, one-to-one sessions during scheduled hours, which varies by subject. See each individual subject for details. You may also drop off questions to NetTutor at any time.

All students may upload essays, writing assignments and research papers for a writing tutor to review.  Follow the “Tutoring Services” option in your Blackboard “My Courses” list and then select “Pisces”.  Here you will find the option to drop off a paper for review.  Just follow the instructions.  A writing tutor will read your paper, provide advice and guidance for making improvements, and return your paper to you, usually by the end of the next day. Returned papers are located in your “Atlantic Cape Online Tutoring” locker.