Advanced Placement

High School Offerings Atlantic Cape Equivalent Course Score Required
Biology BIOL109 General Biology I 3-4
BIOL109 General Biology I & BIOL110 General Biology II 5
Calculus-AB MATH155 Calculus I* 3-5
Calculus-BC MATH156 Calculus II* 3-5
Chemistry CHEM110 General Chemistry I 3-4
CHEM110 General Chemistry I & CHEM111 General Chemistry II 5
Computer Science-A CISM154 Computer Programming--Java* 3-5
French FREN111 Elementary French I 3-5
Government GOVT110 American National Government 3-5
History, United States HIST103 US History I and HIST104 US History II 3-5
History, European HIST101 Heritage of the Western World I and HIST102 Heritage of the Western World II 3-5
History of Art ARTS103 Art Appreciation 3-5
Language & Composition ENGL101 English Composition I 3-5
Literature & Composition

ENGL102 English Composition II (through Fall 2008)

ENGL104 Introduction to Literature (beginning Spring 2009).

Macroeconomics ECON110 Principles of Economics I 3-5
Microeconomics ECON111 Principles of Economics II 3-5
Music Theory ARTS500 Arts Elective 3-5
Music Literature & Listening MUSC100 Music Appreciation 3-5
Physics-B PHYS125 College Physics I & PHYS126 College Physics II 3-5
Physics-C PHYS225 General Physics I & PHYS226 General Physics II 3-5
Psychology PSYC101 General Psychology 3-5
Spanish SPAN111 Elementary Spanish I 3-5
Statistics MATH220 Statistical Methods* 3-5
Studio Art ARTS100 Color & 2-D Design 3-5
ARTS110 Fundamental Drawing 3-5
ART210 Oil & Acrylic Painting 3-5
separately or inclusive based on individual drawing portfolios and instructor's evaluation
*Mathematics courses completed more than 10 years ago, and technology courses completed more than five years ago, are only accepted with the approval of the appropriate department chairperson.