The Assessment Center staff safeguard the integrity of the test process by requiring students to provide photo identification before entering the testing room and to sign an attendance form. During testing, staff members monitor students and are available should any problems arise.

If a student uses materials other than those authorized by the instructor or engages in suspicious behavior, a staff member will . . .

  • Document the incident
  • Collect all relevant data
  • Notify the instructor immediately.

If a student is loud or engaging in disruptive behavior as perceived by the attending staff member then . . .

  • Student will receive a verbal warning
  • Student will be removed from the test site
  • Staff will document incident and notify instructor immediately.

The Assessment Center safeguards the testing materials received by keeping a test inventory (logging in and out), locking tests safely in a cabinet, which is then bolted for extra security.

The Assessment Center is NOT responsible for tests sent via interoffice mail.