WebAdvisor Tutorial

Register Using WebAdvisor: A Step by Step Guide

1. Visit WebAdvisor.

2. Click on Log In.

Your login is your first name, middle initial (if you have one) and last name, up to a total of 23 characters. Example: William Harry Robertson would have a WebAdvisor login of "williamhrobertson."

Your initial password will be your six digit birth date (MMDDYY), e.g. "010199".

Initial WebAdvisor login screen

3. Initial Login Only: You will be required to change your password immediately after initial login. Your new password can only be letters and numbers, being 6-9 characters in length.

Be sure to set a helpful hint to remind you of your new password.

Never share passwords. All aspects of your academic record are accessible through WebAdvisor.

Change password dialogue


4. Click on the Student link. From the Students Menu, locate the “Academic Planning” banner and click on “Student Planning” to get started.


WebAdvisor main menu with the students option highlighted

Current Students - WebAdvisor for Students Menu: Search/Register for Sections option highlighted


5. In student planning, use the toolbar on the far left side of screen to navigate to the course catalog. Click the graduation cap. This is the Academics menu. From the drop-down box, Course Catalog is the 3rd link.



6. Use the “Subject Search” or “Advanced Search” tabs; or the search field to find course and course section you need. Select the course(s) from the results. Check the status to verify the course is open. Please verify the campus associated with your selection before finalizing your courses.


Self service interface with subject and advanced search options


7. Registration is not complete without full payment for your course(s). On the left sidebar navigation, select “Financial Information” -> “Student Finance” and then click “Pay for Registration” to start the payment process.


Self service interface: pay for registration highlighted

Payment for tuition and fees can be paid in full via this portal. Atlantic Cape accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.