Alumni Scholarship

Help ensure that current and future Buccaneers can enjoy the same incredible Atlantic Cape experience you now value. Make a gift donation to the Atlantic Cape Foundation in the amount of the year in which you graduated. For example, if you graduated in 2003 please consider donating $20.03 to the first ever - ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP!

Criteria will be determined by the Alumni Advisory Committee and the scholarship will be awarded annually.

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Students are reaching their academic goals due to the generosity of those closest to the college --- alumni, friends, faculty and staff who all support our mission and vision. Each gift, large and small makes a significant impact on our students.

You have the opportunity to pay it forward!


Students in Graduation Gowns

Communication Alumni Scholarship

Established by a committee of Communication alumni, this annual scholarship will be awarded to an Atlantic Cape Communication student transferring to a 4-year institution of higher education.