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The RELOCATED Atlantic Cape Art Gallery on the Mezzanine Level

of the William Spangler Library will be OPEN again in September with an exhibit of artworks 

created by the faculty and staff of Atlantic Cape Community College!


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The Art Gallery hosted the exhibit


during May - below are just a few of prize-winning works of talented art students of



              FAMOUS PEOPLE

  Woody Allen       Dean Martin       Sherlock Holmes

                    Woody Allen                                 Dean Martin                                   Sherlock Holmes




  Portrait 1    Portrait 3    Portrait 2                   Digital                                            Drawing                                                       Oil




Landscape 1  Landscape 2  Landscape 3

             Photography                                      Watercolor                                        Photography



will be held during May 2015 and will include artworks created by students

taking visual arts studio classes during Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.






Atlantic Cape Community College Art Gallery ~ Last Update: January 6, 2014
Art Gallery Extention: 609-625-1111, ext 5729

Gallery Office: 609-625-1111, ext. 5346

With sadness in my heart, I announce that I am retiring after 20 years at the college and Art Gallery Coordinator. With happiness, this retirement will take place 4 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Florida! I need to paint and draw, plus hopefully study print making.

I would like to thank all the exceptional artists that exhibited at the gallery. We worked hard, for many months to put up top notch exhibits.

I wholeheartedly thank the community of "art lovers" that supported the artists and their shows.
Your involvement is just as important as the art on the walls.

I thank my colleagues with much gratitude. You taught me so much. Your unrecognized support was a big part of the gallery's success.

Last, but hardly least, a great big thanks and many hugs to my Gallery Sitters! Without your help, enthusiasm, suggestions (plus putting up with me), none of our exhibits or receptions would have been successful. I will miss you all very much.

(Please contact me, unofficially, with any art related questions or comments. I would like to find a freelance position as an art resourcer/curator, for our artists, in order to help further your careers).

With sincere thanks, Buddy Jacobs





Previous Exhibits

Amy Iverson      Cheryl Knowles Harrigan

                               Iverson                                                                             Knowles-Harrigan                              



Annual Atlantic Cape Student Exhibit
April 30 - May 17, 2012
Awards Ceremony: Friday, May 4, 6:15pm

Best of Show
Best of Show: Final Project, Fundamental Drawing, by Singyan Yeun

Sister Celeste SSJ, Life Filled with Light,
Watercolors and Pastels
March 27 - April 27, 2012
Reception: Wednesday, April 11, 4:30-7pm


Charleston Walk
"Charleston Walk"

"Child on Beach"

Lydia Lehr, Recent Work
February 28 - March 23, 2012
Reception: Saturday, March 10, 1-4pm

Lydia Lehr

Press Release

Sculpture & Mixed Media by Lennox Warner
January 24 - February 24, 2012
Reception: Tuesday, February 7, 4:30-8
(snow Date: Wed., Feb.8, 4:30-8)


Gesthemene     Nuclear Atom
                        Gesthemene                                                                                  Nuclear Atom                       
Lennox Warner, Artist's Bio

AC Weekly Article:
Video of Installation:

Margaret McCann ~ Paintings
November 1- December 9, 2011
Reception: Saturday, November 12, 1-4pm


Follow The Money

What We Worry

Press Release _Nov2011

Annual Studio Arts Workshops' Sale & Exhibit
October 3-28, 2011
Closing Reception: Saturday, October 29, 1-3:30pm

Jacobs- Female Nude Study    Ols Woman
Buddy Jacobs                                                   Maria Nekludoff

Press Release

19th Annual Faculty & Staff Exhibit
August 30 - September 28, 2011

CALL for WORK PDF Hours & Tagging

Ken Drake     Cheryl Knowles Harrigan
Ken Drake                                                 Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan

Rita Michalenko   
Rita Michalenko  

Buddy Jacobs
Buddy Jacobs


Ocean City Fine Art League Member's Exhibit
July 12 to August 23, 2011
Reception:Monday, July 18, 4:30-7pm

Diane Brown

Annual Student Exhibit
and Awards Ceremony
April 25 - May19, 2011
Awards: Friday, April 29, 6:30


Kristin and Buddy
"Best of Show", Kristin Watson

Robin Wesner "Wild Flowers"
March 28 - April 20, 2011
Reception: Saturday, April 9, 1-4pm

Artichoke Flower     Sea Holly

Press Release                                          Artist's Statement:

"Painting in Ordinary Time" Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan
Oils & Watercolors
February 28 - March 25 , 2011
Reception: Tuesday, March 8, 4:30-7pm

Blue Dusk     Diamond

Fishing Boat

Press Release                 About Cheryl.....

Dressler Smith - Paintings
January 24 - February 24, 2011
Reception: Saturday, February 5, 1-4pm
(Snow Date: Sat., Feb 12, 1-4pm
Please Call: 609-343-5040 )

Dressler Smithe, work at Atlantic Care
Dressler Smith's work at Atlantic Care


Robert Heyer - Celebration of Watercolor
Novemver 8 - December 10 , 2010
Reception:Friday, November 12, 5-7:30pm
GALLERY TALK: Friday, November 12, 4:30-5:00pm

Robert Heyer

Robert Heyer

Robert Heyer

25th Annual Studio Arts Workshops'
Exhibit & Sale
October 4 - November 4, 2010
Reception: Sunday, October 10, 1:00 - 3:30pm

The workshops were started by Longport resident Marian Reinheimer and retired Professor Cort Bellavance and celebrate 25 years of success in the community.  They offer a variety of visual arts instruction to the community-at-large and the opportunity to work with a professional artist for a nominal fee.   The workshops have featured notable instructors such as Howard Watson, Homer Johnson, Jim McFarlane and Robert Heyer. . The exhibit, showcasing works by participants, will primarily include watercolors, pastels and drawings.

Maria Nekludoff "Emma"

Anna Marie Eble "Wise Ones"

18th Annual Faculty & Staff Exhibit
August 30 - September 30, 2010

Cheryl Knowles Harrigan    Amy Iverson

Wanda     Buddy Jacobs

Brigantine Cultural Arts Commission
July 12 - August 24, 2010

Reception: Monday, July 19, 4:30-7:30pm

Michelle Mauro
                                                                                                                                                    Michelle Mauro

Gregg Knight
                                                                                                                         Gregg Knight

Faculty Selects:
Annual ACCC Student Show

May 3-7 & Graduation Day: May 20 , 2010

Awards Ceremony: Friday, April 30, 6pm

Student Show 2010

Clay Tour Logo   South Jersey Ceramic Instructors
& Past Students

March 29 - April 30, 2010

Reception: Sunday, April 11, 1-4pm

  Jackie Sandro
    Deb Williams Frog Soup Tureen

Jackie Sandro                                                         Deborah Williams

Robert Soucar    Linda Shusterman
Robert Soucar                                                         Linda Shusterman

Press Release


Jackie Sandro (M), Phyllis Seidner (S), Christopher Hambleton (S),

Skeff Thomas (M), Christopher Dufala (S), Robert Soucar (S),

David Gamber (M), Joanne Taylor Brown (S), Mark Bell (S),

Rita Michalenko (M), Vicky Thurlow-Lewis (S), Buddy Jacobs

Lisa Cicere (M), Jerry Kaba (S), Jerry Echoff (S),

Linda Shusterman (M), Renee Chase (S), Margo Schreiber (S),

Deborah Williams (M) and Jen Wankoff (S).

For More Information About the entire South Jersey Shore Clay Tour,
please follow the link to the
m.t. burton gallery

Marian Reinheimer ~ Watercolors   March 2010
11th Annual High School Exhibit ~ Ocean City High School January 2010
Steve Kuzma ~ Paintings November 2009
23rd Annual Studio Arts Workshops Exhibit October 2009
17th Annual Faculty & Staff Exhibit September 2009
Sally Erskine "Paintings & Prints" Summer 2009
ACCC Annual Student Show May 2009
Michael Waters "A View From The Edge"  April 2009
Lois Adam "Exploring Collage"   March 2009
Clifford Maddox "The Reality of Abstraction"   February 2009
10th Annual High School Exhibit, Hammonton High School  January 2009
23rd Annual Studio Arts Workshops' Exhibit & Sale November 2008
Art for a Better World" Leslie Nerz & Jackie Kehrman October 2008
16th Annual Faculty Show September 2008
Jacqueline Boyd & Judith Thomas ~ Paintings July/August 2008
Cedar Water Painters May 2008
Chuck Law ~ Paintings April 2008
Patricia Walkar ~ Paintings on Silk & Paper March 2008
Tyrone L. Hart ~ Paintings
February 2008
Oakcrest High School
January 2008
Mark Fields ~ Photography & Richard Lodato ~ Paintings   October 2007
Faculty/Staff Exhibit
  September 2007
Jackie Sandro, David Gamber & Kristi Blamk
The Clay College Faculty~ of Cumberland County Community College
July-August 2007
Alumni Exhibit, 40th Anniversary May
Lesley Mitchell: Paintings, Artist's Books & Works on Paper
Madeline Ross: Works in Clay
April 2007
Meed Barnett - Paintings March 2007
Calvin A. Coleman II~ Paintings, Recent Work February 2007
7th Annual High School Exhibit: Absegami High School
"Taking Root" An Exhibit of Drawings by
23 Absegami High School Art Students
January 2007

Student Show December 2006
James F Penland October 2006
The Cedar Water Painters Summer 2006

Ed Bronstein - Selected Paintings, 1993 - 2005, A Personal Timeline April 2006

Marion Spirn ~ Paintings in Encaustic & Mixed Media   March 2006

Ed Lea "A Photographer With A View"   February 2006

Art Educators of NJ Youth Art Month
  January 2006

Annual Student Exhibit
  December 2005
Jim McFarlane ~ Watercolor & More
  November 2005
21st Annual Studio Arts Workshops Exhibit & Sale
  October 2005
Annual Faculty & Staff Exhibit   September 2005
Joe Kardonne- A Memorial Exhibit of Paintings & Drawings  July/August 2005

Thomas Chelius ~ Photographs, 1980 to 2005    May/June 2005
Bobbie Berg - Paintings - South Jersey Landscapes    March 2005
Rosalind Bloom - Paintings    March 2005
Robert Treadgill, Paintings & Marilyn Winn Threagill, Sculpture    February 2005
6th Annual High School Exhibit - Ocean City H.S.    January 2005
20th Annual Studio Arts Workshops Exhibit & Sale    November 2004
Maryann Cannon & Sharon Gurrier, paintings & poetry    October 2004
Kristin Brandt & Stephanie Grigg - Painting, Glass & Mixed Media    July/August 2004
"Interpretations": The Cedarwater Painters    May/June 2004
Spirit Catcher Photography - Tian Giaimo & Don Merwin    April 2004
Lydia Lehr - Sculpture, Prints & Drawings    March 2004
Barbara Imes Jorden & Jacqueline Imes Jenkins, Quilts and Steven Evans, Sculpture
    February 2004
5th Annual High School Exhibit - Egg Harbor Twp. High School    January 2004
Annual Student Show    December 2003
19th Annual Studio Arts Workshops & Sale    November 2003
Judy Antonelli - Watercolors    October 2003
National Arts Program, Cape May County Juried Exhibit    July/August 2003
Mary Federici - "Paint & Threads"    May/June 2003
Keith Sharp - Photographs "Same While Different"    April 2003
Cheryl Knowles Harrigan - A Painter's Progress"    March 2003
Gilberto Wilson, Printmaker "Before & After"    February 2003
4th Annual High School Exhibit - Absegami High School    January 2003
Annual Student Exhibit    December 2002
17th Annual Studio Arts Workshop Exhibit & Sale    November, 2002
Perspectives on Nature, Photographs, Kyle Hammond & Joanne Thornton   October, 2002
MacLane Peter - Paintings    July/August, 2002
Marge Moorhouse - Watercolors     May/June, 2002
Jae Yeun Park - Paintings     April, 2002
Cheryl Crews - Recent Work     March, 2002
Gerald Purnell   February, 2002
3rd Annual High School Exhibit - Atlantic City High School    January, 2002
Annual Student Exhibit    December 2001
16th Annual Studio Arts Workshops Exhibit & Sale    November, 2001
Gerald Lynch, A Retrospective    October, 2001
Katya Held ~ Paintings    July/August, 2001
C'Anne Anderson ~ Painting & Sculpture    May/June, 2001
Father Leonard Carrieri ~ Sculpture & Franz Bohle ~ Painting & Drawing    April, 2001
Women Printmakers: Lisa Hamilton, Lesley Mitchell & Carson Fox    March, 2001
Madeline Ross ~Works in Clay & Leonard Wilkinson ~ Drawings February, 2001
2nd Annual High School Exhibit - Mainland & Ocean City  January, 2001
Annual Student Exhibit   December 2000
15th Annual Studio Workshop Exhibit & Sale   November, 2000
Father & Son ~ Kevin & Brendon Sprouls ~ Paintings & Drawings   October, 2000
Sally Erskine   Summer 2000
24th Annual Atlantic County Senior Citizens' Exhibit   May, 2000
LeonGraff Paintings - A World Tour April, 2000
Lauren Litwa Holden Paintings March, 2000

Francena Hill & William Clark Fiber, Painting, Sculpture February, 2000
1st Annual High School Exhibit: Hammonton & Oakcrest   January, 2000
Annual Student Show December, 1999
Annual Studio Arts Workshops November, 1999
Bobbi Heisman Paintings   Oct, 1999
Annual Faculty/Staff Exbibit  Sept.2-30, 1999
Atlantic County Senior Citizen's Exhibition, 1999    May 4 - May17, 1999
Paul Rigby "A Sculptor's Apprenticeship" March 30 - April 26,1999
Local Women Crafters March 2 - 26, 1999
Oil Paintings by Self-Taught Artist Alec Patrick   February 1-26,1999
Three Perspectives:  Contemporary Russian Fiber Art July 13 - August6, 1998
Paintings by Marion Spirn April 1 - 24, 1998
"Cloth Poems" by Marilyn Henrion, July 7 - August 13, 1997
MultimediaConstructions by Philip C. Rychert April 2 - May 2, 1997
Women and Abstraction March 5 - 27, 1997
Clifford Maddox Paintings February 4 - 28, 1997
Fred Danziger Paintings October 2 - 25, 1996
Patricia Malarcher: Contemporary Trends in Fabric III:"Artist's Choice",July 2 - August 21, 1996
Ilona Sochynsky: "A Journey into Abstraction" , June 4 - 27, 1996
HomerJohnson: "Master Watercolors" April 2 - 26, 1996
Barbara Cahan: "Holocaust" March 5 - 28, 1996
Bradley Smith: "Expressions" February 5 - 29, 1996

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