Student Success Initiatives at Atlantic Cape

Math Boot Camp


  • Improve students' retention and success
  • Provide a fast-track to College Level Mathematics

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Project Scope

Provide select students with a tuition free option to complete either one or two developmental math courses.  This is a one week course where students use diagnostic and prescriptive software (MyFoundationsLab) to accelerate their progress through the developmental sequence.  Students are only required to complete prescribed models for the topics were the diagnostic found they were weak.  

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Studies at Atlantic Cape have shown that if students can succeed in their mathematics courses, then they are more likely to graduate.  By reducing the amount of time it takes a student to complete the developmental series in math, students are given the opportunity to enroll in and complete their college level math courses in fewer semesters.  A student placing into the lower level of developmental math (MATH-073) would take a minimum of 3 semesters to complete their college level math requirement whereas the same Boot Camp Student would only need 1 semester to complete their college level math requirement to graduate. 

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Target Population

First time in college Jump Start students scoring within the decision zone on the AccuPlacer exam

  • 58 – 75 Elementary Algebra for second level (MATH-074)
  • 50 – 67 Arithmetic for first level (MATH-073)

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Project Format

A student who meets the decision zone criteria is contacted by the continuing education department and offered a seat in an upcoming Boot Camp session.  Seats are limited, depending on how many classrooms are available, so Boot Camp is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  On the first day of Boot Camp students are asked to take an entrance survey and a diagnostic exam.  The diagnostic exam will reveal which modules/lessons a student is weak with and the student must complete only those modules to pass Boot Camp.  Students have a full-time professor in the room as well as a supplemental instructor for help with the modules they are completing.  The student may take up to 5 days to complete all modules and pass the Boot Camp.  Once a student has completed his or her modules the student takes a post-test to ensure mastery of the material.  Once a student has mastered all of the materials in the modules prescribed, the student is asked to take an exit survey.  Students are encouraged to enroll in their next math course for the following semester at this time.

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Success Data for the Pilot Program (Summer 2014)

  • Passed Boot Camp: 105
  • Took a Math Class in Fall 2014: 44
  • Completed Fall Math Class: 39
  • Successful in Fall Math Class: 31 (79%)


Completed Boot Camp

Took a Math  class in Fall 2014

% Retained to take a Math class in the Fall

First Level  (MATH-073)




Second Level (MATH-074)




Grand Total




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Fall Course Outcomes

Boot Camp Statistics

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