Student Success Initiatives at Atlantic Cape

K-12 Partnerships


Our K-12 initiative revolves around our "Speed Up/Catch Up" model.

Speed Up is geared toward students in high school who have proven to be college ready. They take part in our dual credit and articulations agreements in both counties. We continue to work with the high schools we serve to develop even more agreements as well as support students who are willing and eligible to participate with dual credit courses.

Catch Up is the model for students who are underachieving academically. These are the students who come to us needing developmental work and tend to drop out because they do not see the value of these courses toward their certification or degree. Efforts are being put into place in some of our high schools to develop early intervention programming for students so they can work through their developmental work before they graduate as well as being educated on career awareness. The state is supporting Career and College Readiness initiatives to assist in the development of students and their success.


Atlantic Cape Hosts STEM Careers Event for Teen Girls

From “CSI Atlantic Cape” to “The Real Grey’s Anatomy,” nearly 70 visiting high school students spent a full day in hands-on, science-based workshops during the first teentech event at Atlantic Cape Community College June 2.


Another exciting K-12 initiative….

Wildwood K-12 InitiativeThe Cape May Campus welcomed Wildwood High School juniors to the first of five Saturday career sessions, Saturday, March 19. Organized by Sherwood Taylor and coordinated by Sonia Cruz, the students attended a career exploration  welcome session and values auction presented by Dr. Mitchell Levy and Tammy DeFranco.This was the first time we used our Student Success and Career Center. Our student leaders, Joshua Maldonado, George “Griffin” Ackley, Jeff  Hughes and Taylor Borz, participated in the presentations, were tour guides, and assisted the students in all phases. Students also attended Time Management and Goal Setting Workshops which were presented by Wildwood High School teachers. We are looking forward to the next time the students arrive. Thank you everyone for all of your time, hard work and dedication to the visiting students.

Teentech Planning Meeting

Atlantic Cape team including Donna Vassalo, Maria Kellett, Esther James, Bojan Zilovic, Amy Shelton, Svetlana Marzelli, and Lois Angelozzi met on February 10, 2016 to start planning Teentech event at Atlantic Cape scheduled for June, 2016. Teentech events are one-day events sponsored by American Association of University Women NJ and designed to demonstrate that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and careers are exciting, relevant, and accessible to girls and women. The goal of the program is to encourage high school girls, and the educators who accompany them, to explore the many jobs available in the STEM career field.

Articulation Agreement

The goal of an Atlantic Cape Community College (Atlantic Cape) articulation agreement is to grant college credit to students for competencies mastered at the high school level when those competencies are considered equivalent to those required in certain college courses. Students begin academic studies in Associate Degree Program related subjects while in high school that meet Atlantic Cape’s Program or course specific requirements. Students who desire to obtain an undergraduate degree in Associate Degree Program disciplines may transfer to other post-secondary institutions to earn a Bachelor degree. To earn credit from an Articulation Agreement, the student must matriculate into an Associate Degree Program within three years of high school graduation. Credits for articulated courses are valid only upon graduation from Atlantic Cape.

Dual Credit Option

Atlantic Cape will provide students who successfully complete approved courses taught in the high school through the Dual Credit Option with a college transcript. Either the high school or the student is responsible for payment of all tuition and fees. Students must take the college’s Placement Test and test at college-level, or provide the required SAT or ACT scores to waive the Placement Test. Students must meet Atlantic Cape prerequisite guidelines for each course to be eligible for college credit. Those who meet the criteria may then register for the designated course(s). Applicants are admitted as part-time, non-degree seeking students.

New Partnership with Wildwood High School

Atlantic Cape closely partnered with Wildwood School District to
implement a grant received by Wildwood School District from the New
Jersey Department of Education. The grant program was titled, "College
and Career Readiness: A Partnership Between New Jersey High Schools
and Community Colleges." The grant began in October 2015 and extended through August 2016. The funding was made available
through the U.S. Department of Education, as administered by the State
of New Jersey.

As a partner in this grant, Atlantic Cape provided Wildwood High
School Students students with a wide range of college and career
awareness skills and support to better prepare them for a successful
transition to college and ultimately to a career choice based on their
interests, abilities, and talents. Atlantic Cape's departments of
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management collaborated to
implement this project.

The college provided a series of five Saturday workshops at the
Cape May County Campus during spring semester 2016, and followed
these workshops up with an intensive week-long "Career Success
Bootcamp"  in summer 2016, also held at the Cape May County Campus.
Focus was on helping the Wildwood students to develop
self-awareness regarding their interests and aptitudes to help guide
them towards future academic achievement and career selection. Along
with Atlantic Cape's Saturday program and summer bootcamp, Wildwood
High School provided an after-school program for students a
minimum of three days per week. This time included academic
project-based learning and Structured Learning Experiences in real
world work settings. Topics covered by Atlantic Cape and
Wildwood High School included, but were not limited to: academic
success strategies such as time management, effective note taking,
reading comprehension strategies; career exploration using the SIGI 3
Educational and Career Planning software and the Occupational
Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; creation of
a career portfolio to guide the pathway through college and toward
career based on research, projects, and writing assignments over the
course of the program; developing effective college applications,
resumes and cover letters; dressing for success; student presentation
of learning and how they will use it to ensure their success after
high school. Curriculum based assessment utilizing MyFoundationLab
software provided online mathematical content and formative
assessments over the course of the program. This software included
remediation of academic needs based on the Accuplacer test as well as
career readiness skills.  In addition, Wildwood School District
worked with parents and families of students to help them to understand
what to expect when their students transition from high school to
college, and ways they can support their students in achieving their
goals and navigating the post-high school experience.