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A Message From Dr. Barbara Gaba March 16, 2020

03/23/2020 | Media Contact: Erin Mercer | (609) 343-4923
A message from Dr. Gaba - March 16

3/16/2020 Coronavirus Readiness Task Force 

  • Communications

Area Action Date Human Resources • Began to investigate and communicate with Atlantic County Board of Health, Affinity Group, and internal compliance regarding appropriate communication and plan. 

  • Guidance sought with Atlantic County Health Dept. 
  • Emailed “Information on the Novel Coronavirus 2019” to Cabinet to review. 
  • Executive Director of HR attended the Coronavirus Preparedness Briefing call hosted by the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force and directs further guidance found on the State’s website. 
  • HR met with Union leaders to discuss plan prior to posting to general public. 

Week of 2/15/2020 

2/26/2020 2/27/2020 



Communications/PR • Atlantic County Board of Health representatives 

attended the Cabinet Meeting advising of communication, low risk for New Jersey, provided information regarding proper hygiene, and begun discussion with compliance/public safety of setting up a possible pandemic center on the Mays Landing Campus if needed. 

  • Cape May County Board of Health reaches out to College with similar message as Atlantic County Board of Health. 
  • Student communication emailed (same message as College-Wide). 
  • Chatbot updated with general information about Coronavirus and CDC contact information 
  • Crisis Communication Plan reviewed and being updated 
  • Webpage active on website 
  • Xybo communication updated 
  • Phone message on College’s main number directing callers to college’s website for more information 
  • Text alert sent notifying everyone to check for updates 
  • Blackboard message sent to students regarding change in schedule 



3/9/2020, updated 3/13/2020 

In progress 

3/12/2020 3/13/2020 


President’s Office • College-wide communication emailed regarding 

general guidelines of hygiene and facts about the Virus provided by Atlantic County Board of Health. 



3/16/2020 Coronavirus Readiness Task Force 

  • President attended conference call hosted by NJCCC. Plans shared among community colleges. 
  • President establishes Coronavirus Readiness Task Force. 
  • First meeting of Task Force (Cabinet)/Crisis plan regarding Pandemic and Infectious Disease reviewed and updated. Current policies reviewed. 
  • Weekly Cabinet/Task Force Meeting begin 
  • Weekly communication to Board and staff begins 
  • Communication to faculty, staff and students regarding Extending Spring Break one week through 3/29/2020 and beginning online instruction 3/30/2020. Late start begins one week later- 3/30/2020 
  • Dr. Gaba meets with other College Presidents 
  • Coronavirus Task Force meets 

2 3/9/2020 



3/9, 3/10, 3/13, 3/15 


  • Operations 

Housekeeping • Purchasing of additional disinfectant and 

increased cleaning/disinfecting in the evening at all three campuses. 

  • Portable hand sanitizing stations 
  • Two additional PT cleaning crew hired 
  • Additional Lysol wipes placed in computer labs 
  • Bathroom signs being posted to wash hands 

Week of 2/24/2020 


Academics • Discussion regarding alternate plans for on-line 

instruction if necessary 

  • Communication sent to faculty preparing for on- line instruction for all classes if necessary 
  • Academic Meeting discussed pending communication to students, faculty and staff 
  • Additional training set up for adjuncts and faculty for online instruction 

Week of 3/2/2020 

3/9/2020 3/13/2020 


Travel • Academy of Culinary Arts (ACA) student travel 

aboard to Italy is on hold 

  • Some conference that employees normally attend have been canceled by the organizer. (e.g. Ellucian, AACC) 



3/16/2020 Coronavirus Readiness Task Force 

  • Non-essential travel suspended for students, faculty and staff Accounting/Bursar • Set up special ops account for $10,000 to keep 

3/6/2020 track of additional cleaning or other supplies purchased directly tied to Coronavirus preparation. (Preparation in case of State of Emergency-FEMA reimbursement) 

  • Extended Withdraw period one week 
  • Financial aid checks sent out asap Safety and Security • Updated Emergency Operating Plan including new 

leadership information. 

3 3/9/2020 

Insurance • Contacted Perlman and confirmed we had 

Business Interruptive Insurance 


IT • Zoom available for face to face communication 

with Cabinet if College needs to close-20 licenses confirmed 

  • Virtual Ellucian and shared drives available via (VPN) being reviewed for access during a closing- list complete 
  • Additional 20 webcams purchased for faculty 
  • Phone Blast capability exists and ready to go on the current VOIP phones as needed. 
  • IT Continuity Plan distributed to Cabinet 


3/11/2020, updated 3/13/2020 3/12/2020 


3/13/2020 Conferences/Event Planning 

  • Internal conferences and events scheduled are 

In-progress being reviewed as more information becomes available through CDC and local authorities and handled in a case by case basis. 

  • Gala alternative plans being discussed with 

3/12/2020, Harrahs