Skills Assessment Program
(for non-CCI graduates)

Prerequisite: You currently are not working as a dealer, and you have not worked as a dealer within the past three years, and you are a graduate of a gaming school other than CCI.
Required documentation: verification of previous table games training taken with a school other than CCI.

If you have graduated from schools other than CCI within the past three years, you may request a skills assessment to evaluate your Introduction to Casino Games/Blackjack skills (this course is a prerequisite to take any of our table games.) Successful completion of the skills assessment will allow you to take the game of your choice without taking Introduction to Casino Games/Blackjack.

If your assessment shows that your skills are not equal to our Introduction to Casino Games/Blackjack, you will be required to take the introduction course before proceeding to your game of choice. If you do not pass the assessment, the $50 fee is applied to the Introduction to Casino Games/Blackjack course.

CARE-002 AW01
Fee: $50 (This fee is non-refundable.)