Create Opportunity

The Capital & Scholarship Campaign for Atlantic Cape Community College

Help our students achieve their dreams. Invest in our community’s future.

Atlantic Cape Community College has a bold master facilities plan called Blueprint 2020 with the construction of a new Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) building as its cornerstone. To raise the necessary funds to buy lab equipment for the facility’s scientific programs – and create scholarship opportunities for our students – the Atlantic Cape Community College Foundation has initiated Create Opportunity: The Capital & Scholarship Campaign for Atlantic Cape Community College.

STEM building rendering

Your participation in this campaign will create opportunities for students, faculty and the community. Students will have access to higher quality learning experiences in a region where higher-education options are limited—as well as more scholarships to allow them to attend college when they might not have otherwise been able to afford it. The combination of more scholarships and completion of the STEM building means affordable access to a top-notch community college education.

And it creates opportunity for faculty, as we grow our curricula and student body. Finally it creates opportunity for our communities, who benefit from our training programs and strengthened local economy as students enter the local workforce.