Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

PTK Scholarship Types and Details

phi theta kappa logoAll Phi Theta Kappa scholarships require that a student be enrolled at a two-year college in a minimum of 6 college level credit hours at the time they are completing the scholarship application. The Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are listed on their website ( then click "scholarships" on the menu bar). When the application periods are open, you can find the scholarship applications here:
  • Spring Scholarship Application - application open every year, March 1-May 15. Scholarships for this application must be used for associate degree coursework. These are typically for a newer two-year college student. Students should have between 12-36 credit hours at the two-year college to apply. Student has to be enrolled at the two-year college the next two semesters following the application (i.e. complete Spring 2016 application, must be enrolled at the two-year college Fall 2016 & Spring 2017.)
  • Fall Scholarship Application - Application open every year, Sept 15-Dec 1. Scholarships on this application are for a more seasoned two-year college student - 36 credit hours or more. Some of the scholarships on this application are for transfer, meaning the money is not sent until the student is enrolled at the four-year college and shows proof of that enrollment. Students have to be enrolled at the two-year college at least through December to apply. (Fall 2015 application, funds disbursed Fall 2016.)
  • Oberndorf Scholarship - Application open once in Spring and once in Fall. (March 15-May 1 & Sept 15-Oct 30). This scholarship is to be used to pay for associate degree coursework. Student must have 45 credit hours total at the time of application (that counts already earned hours plus the hours in progress at the time of application). Must be enrolled at a two-year college at least through the next semester following completion of the application (complete Spring 2016 application, if selected funds disbursed Fall 2016 while student is still enrolled at the two-year college).

Transfer Scholarships

This PTK website is a database of transfer scholarships offered to Phi Theta Kappa members by Universities, senior colleges, associations, organizations, corporate partners, etc. The difference here is that the scholarship funds from the scholarships on come from each respective college/association/organization and the scholarships listed above are funded directly from Phi Theta Kappa. When you log in to for the first time you will have to complete a Profile. The website takes the information from the Profile to "match" you to colleges and scholarships. Once the profile is complete then you can use the left-hand navigation menu to Browse Scholarships by college name, state or third party.