Veterans Aid

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Veterans and eligible dependents may qualify for additional assistance. If you believe you may qualify, obtain a transmittal form from the Financial Aid Office at (609) 343-5082 or (609) 463-4774, ext. 5082, e-mail or call the Veterans Administration Regional Office at 1-800-827-1000. Benefits usually begin eight to 10 weeks following submission of this form to the Veterans Administration.

Higher Education Benefits Signed into Law for Veterans 
August 2017

Military veterans are getting unlimited access to college assistance under legislation President Donald Trump has signed into law.    

The Forever GI Act removed a 15-year limit on using the benefits, effective immediately. The measure increases financial assistance for National Guard and Reserve members, building on a 2008 law that guaranteed veterans a full-ride scholarship to any in-state, public university, or a similar cash amount to attend private colleges.  

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Following are descriptions of specific veterans' benefits: