Payroll Project Implementation Update:

Atlantic Cape to Implement New Payroll System for All Employees

As you may be aware, over the past eighteen months, the College has been implementing a new Management Information System (MIS) called Colleague. This MIS project includes a new Human Resources/Payroll System for all College employees. The conversion from the current Sungard Human Resources system (HRS) to the Colleague HR/Payroll system is expected to begin with the July 2, 2010, pay date. 

Below is a summary of changes you can expect to see as well as what you can expect to remain the same with the new system.

What will remain the same?

  • All employees will continue to be paid on a bi-weekly basis. Full-time salaried employees (excluding Facilities and Security) will continue to be paid up to date. Full-time Facilities and Security personnel and all hourly employees will continue to be paid one week in arrears.
  • Adjunct Faculty and Continuing Education Instructors will continue to be paid on a bi-weekly basis determined by the dates of the courses they are instructing.
  • Part-Time Hourly employees will continue to complete paper Time Sheets. Department Heads will continue to complete the Employee Recap Form and submit them to Eileen Bakley, Payroll.
  • Facilities and Security personnel will continue to utilize the Time clock and Time cards system.
  • Full-Time employees will continue to complete paper Leave Request forms and submit them to the HR department. 
  • Assignment Forms will continue to be completed by the respective department as usual until further notice.
  • All employees with direct deposit will continue to receive their pay via direct deposit as they have with the current payroll system. Any employee wishing to begin direct deposit may contact Eileen Bakley at ext. 5265.
  • Distribution of paychecks and direct deposit stubs will remain the same. 

What will change? 

  • All employee pay stubs and direct deposit notices will be in a slightly different format and will look different, beginning with the July 2nd pay.
  • For your convenience, informational documents on how to read your Atlantic Cape pay stub and a crosswalk of the earnings and tax codes are available. 
  • You may notice a minor difference in your pension, life insurance and other deductions.  This is due to rounding differences between the two systems.
  • You may notice a minor difference in your tax deductions. This is due to rounding differences between the two systems.
  • Employees with ABCO will notice that their ABCO credit union remittance is classified as a direct deposit in Colleague rather than a deduction. 
  • Faculty members who elect to have their salary paid over 12 months will notice that their bi-weekly gross pay in Colleague is reported net of the salary deferral rather than reporting the bi-weekly gross (prior to the salary deferral) with a corresponding salary deferral deduction.
  • Some employees may notice more of a difference in their Federal and State income tax withholdings:
    • For employees who have taxable group-term life insurance–HRS calculated the taxable amount on a monthly basis while Colleague calculates the taxable amount on a bi-weekly basis. Both HRS and Colleague withhold Social Security and Medicare tax on the taxable group-term life insurance benefit. Colleague withholds Federal and State income tax on the taxable group-term life insurance benefit.
    • For 10 month employees—There may be a difference in income tax withheld due to the system methodology of annualizing your gross pay.

Employees who see a considerable change in income tax withheld from their paychecks after the conversion to the new Colleague payroll system may need to adjust their withholdings manually, which can be done via a Form W-4.

All employees may submit a revised Form W-4 at any time during the year to change their marital status, adjust their withholding allowances and/or additional amounts to withhold.  The IRS form can be found at Return the completed Form W-4 to Eileen Bakley, Payroll.

The next steps:

  • All employees should review their July 2nd paystub/direct deposit advice information from the new Colleague system. Any changes in gross pay or net pay not addressed above should be brought to the attention of the Payroll or Human Resources departments by contacting one of the individuals listed below.

Who to Contact if you have questions about your July 2nd Pay Stub/Direct Deposit Advice, or about the new Payroll System:

Questions regarding your Pay:

Contact Payroll

Questions regarding Benefits and Deductions:

Contact Human Resources

Questions regarding Leave Time:

Contact Human Resources

For the Future:

  • Hourly Employees and Facilities & Security Personnel will be transitioned to a web-based time-entry system, eliminating paper time sheets/leave reports.
  • Full-time staff leave request forms will be transitioned to a web-based time-entry system, eliminating paper time leave request forms.
  • Employees with direct deposit may begin to receive their direct deposit advices electronically, eliminating the paper notices.

The above three capabilities are future enhancements. More information will be provided at a future date.

-HR/Payroll Project Implementation Team