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GRADUATION SUCCESS STORY: Rio Grande Graduate Overcomes Many Challenges During College Career

May 15, 2017

Minh Le Getty, 27, of Rio Grande, came to the United States at age two from Hong Kong, and was adopted by U.S. citizens. She is graduating from Atlantic Cape Community College with an associate degree in human services, and plans to obtain her bachelor’s degree in social work at Stockton University.

Her time at Atlantic Cape was not the easiest. “I faced many challenges during my college career at Atlantic Cape. I was born with a brain abnormality that resulted in my having cerebral palsy, panhypopituitarism, epilepsy, nystagmus and myopia. Practically speaking, this means that I have to walk with a brace and a cane, take a lot of medication, have seizures and am legally blind. And as a student, this means it was often very difficult for me to get to class. Because of my visual limitations, it is often difficult for me to see a professor’s written notes from my seat in a classroom and to do the required reading both in books and on a computer screen. Also, when I have seizures, I can sleep for several hours after and lose some memory, so it was often a challenge for me to keep up on assignments and/or to remember what they were and when they were due.”

When asked how she overcame such immense challenges, she replied, “I overcame the challenges posed by my disabilities by using the assistive devices that are available to me. Also, I learned to listen very closely to my professors and take copious notes and carry a journal to remind me of assignments and due dates in the event that I had a seizure and became disoriented and/or suffered from memory loss.”

“Atlantic Cape provided me with the opportunity to get a quality education, close to home, and at an affordable price. I live on my own and have a limited income and it is important for me to stay close to home - near family and my physicians,” Getty remarked.

When asked how she changed since attending Atlantic Cape, she replied, “I have grown a lot - both as an individual and as a student - since I began attending Atlantic Cape. I have learned that I can achieve my academic and professional goals. I have also matured a lot as I have gotten to know myself and others better. I have learned we all have our own unique challenges. Some challenges are seen and others are not so obvious. Therefore, I am now a lot easier on myself and have more empathy for others and as a result I feel like I am a better person than when I began Atlantic Cape.”

Her philosophy for success is, “Never give up and stay positive - no matter the obstacles and setbacks. You’re only limited by what you think you can’t do. The difference between our dreams and our reality is called action. Motivation comes from looking at what you want in life and what amount of effort it will take to make it happen.”