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2018 GRAD SPOTLIGHT: Conjoined Twins of West Cape May Excel at Atlantic Cape; Head to Stockton University to Pursue Undergraduate Degrees

May 15, 2018

When you look up the words remarkable or extraordinary, you may find a photo of Stefan and Tyler Delp of West Cape May. The 26-year-old conjoined twins have accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. They are receiving their associate degrees in general studies from Atlantic Cape Community College on May 17.

 Stefan and Tyler head to Stockton University in the fall to pursue their bachelor’s degrees in Spanish. They hope to one day be professional translators.

They credit a lot of their achievements in higher education to the experiences they were afforded at Atlantic Cape.

Tyler said, “I would like to credit the whole community of Atlantic Cape Community College for helping me achieve my associate degree. My brother and I appreciated the daily help during our journey at Atlantic Cape. The students kindly opening doors for us and helped us carry things when we were weighted down. The professors and counselors were most supportive. The staff from security lending a hand to us while crossing the walkways and maintenance/tech support always making sure we have our adaptive equipment. The office employees always assisting us with questions. My brother and I truly appreciated everyone’s kind support.”

“I certainly have changed since attending Atlantic Cape. I am more well rounded after being subjected to material such as statistics, chemistry and classic literature. For instance, due to my disability, most likely, I will never serve active duty in the Armed Forces. However, by reading Tim O' Brien's "The Things They Carried," and listening to my fellow veteran classmates' input during class discussions gave me better insight on the life experience of a soldier on active duty,” Stefan remarked. Stefan was also inducted into Phi Theta Kappa during his time at Atlantic Cape, making him the first person in his family to be an honor society member.

When asked what his biggest challenge was, Tyler replied, “The biggest challenge I faced during my time attending Atlantic Cape Community College was comprehending math. Math is not my strong suit. Thankfully, Atlantic Cape Community College encourages its students to pursue their educational studies at their own pace. My own personal experience meeting mathematical college required remedial math courses. The remedial math courses provided the opportunity for me to review and further comprehend basic algebra skills. The end result was me successfully earning full credit in Pre-Calculus five semesters later.”

“Atlantic Cape Community College provided the opportunity to learn many various subjects I may have never chosen to study, such as economics, statistics and a variety of literature. Being subjected to economics gave me a better understanding of the importance of managing money, and statistics helped me to better understand how researchers calculate data,” Tyler also said.

Tyler mentioned how his main challenge in life is interacting socially due to being autistic. “Social situations or attention causes me to feel anxious, and frightened. Since attending Atlantic Cape Community College many courses required class presentations, or public speaking. Although most of my class presentations could be described as “total train wrecks,” due to my high level of anxieties during the presentation. I did it!!! The practice of class presentations may not have caused total confidence in myself but, encouraged me to engage in other activities I otherwise would have altogether avoided. Presently, I attend North Beach Gym five days a week, instructed in voice by Dr. John Curtis, as well as enrolled in private Spanish lessons under the instruction of Mrs. Rachelle Crispi.”

Stefan concluded, “Graduating from Atlantic Cape Community College will not only be one of my greatest academic achievements, but enriches my personal growth, giving me the confidence to pursue a four-year degree.”

Tyler echoed the sentiment, saying, “Graduating from Atlantic Cape Community College on May 17, 2018, means “hope.” Hope needed to continue on working hard toward the ultimate goal of one day becoming a Spanish translator. Thank you, Atlantic Cape Community College for keeping the hope inside me burning. When I feel hope I always put forth my best efforts for a brighter future.”

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