Instructional Resources Committee

Membership - Voting

One full-time faculty member from each department, one counselor and one librarian/technologist


Associate Dean of Academic Support Services


  • To review new developments in education and to provide information to the faculty concerning such developments.
  • To develop and recommend procedures for ensuring acquisition, availability, and use of well balanced collection of books, periodicals and other resources.
  • To stimulate proposals for innovative approaches to the educational objectives of the college.
  • To assist in developing the academic calendar.
  • To recommend new policies implementing the above described responsibilities.


This committee shall report to the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee and the Academic Dean.

2014-2015 Charges

2012 - 2013 Charges


                                      Committee Membership

                                                  2014 - 2015




Marcia Kleinz

Michele Leacott

Jed Soifer

Professional Studies Bill Lemons
Science Jim Sacchinelli

Maryann McCall

Vicki Melograno

Nursing/Allied Health/Phys. Education




Keith Forrest

Rita Michalenko


Social Science

Curtis Andrews

Marty Marino

Academic of Culinary Arts

Daniel Matt

Tree McCann

Linda Wohlman, Chair

Counselor Dennis Jones
Librarian Vacant

ADVISORY Membership

Linda DeSantis, Director, Financial Aid

Maria Kellett, Director, Major Gifts

Committee Homepage

Visit the IRC Committee homepage for a calendar of events, to view meeting minutes, or submit a curriculum development project proposal.