Technology Committee

Atlantic Cape Technology Committee

Membership - Voting

One full-time faculty member from each department, one counselor/librarian.


Associate Dean of Academic Support Services, Dean of Information Technology Services, Director of PC Services


  • To review technology proposals
  • To make recommendations and represent faculty interests on all college-wide technology related committees
  • To study and advise faculty and administration on issues related to technology.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues related to technology.


This committee shall report to the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee and the Chief Academic Officer.

2016-2017 Charges

2015-2016 Charges

2014-2015 Charges

2012-2013 Charges

Committee Meeting Minutes

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Technology Links

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Committee Membership: 2016 - 2017

John Stratton (Science), Chair

  • Lisa Stein (Social Science)
  • Stephanie Natale-Boianelli (English)
  • Carolyn Coulter (Social Science)
  • Michelle Leacott (Math)
  • Richard Kalman (ISAS)
  • Ellen Splaver (Counselor)
  • Carolyn Coulter (Social Science)
  • Geralyn Michelfelder (Nursing/Allied Health)
  • Augustine Nigro (Arts/Humanities)
  • Joseph Sheridan (ACA)
  • Mark Camma (Professional Studies)
  • Amy Shelton (Math)
  • Marilyn Keiner (Professional Studies)


  • Michelle Perkins (Instructional Technology)
  • Doug Hedges (Info. Technology Services)
  • Caesar Niglio (Master Technician)
  • John Feldbauer (PC Services)
  • Janet Marler (Academic Support Services)
  • Michael Barnes (Disability Support Services)


Seminars and "Brown Bags"

The committee has set out to demonstrate how technology is being used in the classroom at Atlantic Cape by hosting brown bag seminars. Faculty are invited to bring lunch to these informative gatherings and to partake of the expertise of their peers. The committee invites all faculty who are using technology in a unique way within the classroom environment to give a brown bag seminar.