Shareware & Downloads

Academic Computing & Distance Education

The links below point to files that you can download and install on your computer. Simply click on the file you want, and you will be asked to save it to your hard drive. Remember to choose an appropriate folder for the file (like My Documents) so you'll know where to find it later.

Adobe Acrobat

The Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view "PDF" (portable document files) An example of this is the college's semester schedule.

CoolEdit Sound Editor

Use CoolEdit to record narrations or edit sound effects. Then use them in your multimedia presentations or add pizzazz to your web pages!

Decompression Programs

Software that is distributed around the Internet is usually "compressed" or "zipped" up into a single file to make transport easier. Below are a few of the most popular file formats for compressing or decompressing files.

FTP Programs

FTP ("File Transfer Protocol") is a way to get files to and from computers around the Internet. You can use these easy applications to do other kinds of file maintenance things, too, such as viewing files, rename them, create or delete directories etc. The three below are some of the more commonly used FTP programs.

Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is used to create your own artwork, or retouch and edit clip art and graphics from other sources. You can change colors, add text, create special effects, even remove unwanted parts of a photograph. Save your work in many popular formats, including GIF and JPG for web page design.

PowerPoint Viewer

This program will allow you to view PowerPoint presentations (.ppt files) if you do not have the PowerPoint program installed on your computer.

WebCT Quiz Parser

This program will allow you to create multiple choice quizzes for your WebCT course.