Atlantic Cape Community College News at Atlantic Cape Community College <p>Atlantic Cape Community College inducted six students into Sigma Kappa Delta, an English honor society for two-year colleges, on April 26, at a luncheon the Olive Garden in Mays Landing.</p> <p>Inductees were: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Atlantic City</strong>: Taissa Livingston</p> <p><strong>Cape May</strong>: Shaheed Bashir</p> <p><strong>Egg Harbor Township: </strong>Michelle Figueroa</p> <p><strong>Northfield: </strong>Desmon Devery</p> <p><strong>Woodbine:</strong> Minh Le Getty, Nathan Enders</p> <p>Students from all majors are eligible. To qualify, students must earn a minimum of 12 credit hours, a B average in at least two college-level English courses, and a 3.0 overall grade point average.</p> <p>Registration for summer and fall terms is currently underway at Atlantic Cape Community College. To register online or view an updated schedule of summer and fall courses, visit For more information, email <a href=""></a> or call (609) 343-5000, 625-1111, ext. 5000, or 463-3960 in Cape May County.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Atlantic Cape Presents 64 Communication Awards <p>Atlantic Cape Community College hosted the ninth Annual Communication Awards ceremony Friday, April 22, at the Mays Landing Campus, featuring keynote speaker Kevin Carmack, project manager of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center&rsquo;s Laser Communication Project.</p> <p>Radio personality Heather DeLuca of SOJO 104.9-FM hosted the show. Three students competed for the 2016 Communication Major of the Year award, which went to Lindsey Burton of Egg Harbor Township. Jenna DeLuca of Folsom was runner-up; and Dylan Graef of Buena was the final nominee. The audience votes on who receives this award.<img class="wp-more-tag mce-wp-more" title="Read more..." src="" alt="" /></p> <p>Gerri Black Creative Writing Award winners were:&nbsp;<strong>Best Creative Non-Fiction</strong>, Ian Hutchins of Cape May Court House and Maureen Kalman of Vineland;&nbsp;<strong>Best Creative Writing</strong>, Samantha Lizak of Cape May and Matthew Stirm of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best Fiction</strong>, Laura Six of Cape May Court House;&nbsp;<strong>Best Poetry</strong>, Kathryne Grady of Pleasantville;&nbsp;<strong>Best Screenplay</strong>, Christian Hartman of Vineland; and&nbsp;<strong>Rewrites</strong>, B.D. Edwards of Absecon.</p> <p>The Public Speaking and Music Award winners were:&nbsp;<strong>Best Call to Action Speech</strong>, Joanna Haynal of Marmora;<strong>&nbsp;Best Debate Speech</strong>, Rachel Matousch of Ocean View, Nicole Ballester of Villas, Esomchukwu Asiegbu of Egg Harbor Township, and Kayla Davis of Pleasantville;&nbsp;<strong>Best Demonstrative Speech,</strong>&nbsp;Laura Six of Cape May Court House;&nbsp;<strong>Best Informative Speeches</strong>, Julia Belmonte of Absecon, Adrianna Hill of Galloway, Jesse Mounce of Marmora, and Priscilla Osbourne of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best Pop Music Project</strong>, Leonardo Garcia of Egg Harbor Township, Billy McGuire of Mays Landing; Ben Ogunleye of Atlantic City and Taylor Henry of Wildwood;&nbsp;<strong>Pearson Public Speaking Scholarship</strong>, Juan Paolo Chamorro of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best Pop Music Paper</strong>, Justin Mahoney of Wildwood Crest;&nbsp;<strong>Best Pop Music Achievement</strong>, Taylor Henry of Wildwood; and&nbsp;<strong>Choir Award</strong>, Cinthia Geraldino of Egg Harbor Township.</p> <p>The Interpersonal, Organizational and Public Relations Award winners were:&nbsp;<strong>Best Interpersonal Group</strong>, Juan Paolo Chamorro of Egg Harbor Township; and Lex Tracy of Northfield;&nbsp;<strong>Best Interpersonal Papers</strong>, Juan Paolo Chamorro of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best OrgCom Practitioner</strong>, Chris Devine of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best OrgCom Presentations</strong>, Maria Morales of Pleasantville, Jeff Montgomery&nbsp;of Egg Harbor Township, and Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best Press Release</strong>, Ben Ogunleye of Atlantic City;&nbsp;<strong>Best PR Group Project</strong>, Dan Carey of Mays Landing and Jordan Ellis of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best PR Group Project</strong>, Ian Brennan of Egg Harbor Township, Jessica Gagliano of Egg Harbor Township, Kyle Schachner of Atlantic City, Kenneth Szemis of Egg Harbor Township, Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township, Dylan Graef of Buena, Phil Giangiulo of Cape May, Michael Heilman of Winslow, and Tyler McBride of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best Case Study</strong>, Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township, and Jessica Gagliano of Egg Harbor Township; and<strong>&nbsp;Best PR Practitioners</strong>, Mark Gabriel of Cape May Court House, and Kyle Schachner of Atlantic City.</p> <p>The Journalism Award winners were:&nbsp;<strong>Best Commentaries</strong>, Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township, Jesse Mounce of Marmora, and Kyle Schachner of Atlantic City;&nbsp;<strong>Best Feature Article</strong>, Dayanira Quinones of Absecon;&nbsp;<strong>Best Investigative Article</strong>, Kyle Schachner of Atlantic City;&nbsp;<strong>Best Sports Article</strong>, Eric Conklin of Absecon; and&nbsp;<strong>Atlantic Cape Review</strong>, Taylor Henry of Wildwood, and Nicole Mingo of Egg Harbor Township.</p> <p>Mass Media and Television Award winners were:&nbsp;<strong>Best Film History Group</strong>, Lindsey Burton of Egg Harbor Township, Marisa Mast of Northfield, Rachel McGettigan of Marmora, and R.J. Hoffman of Mays Landing;&nbsp;<strong>Best Film History Paper</strong>, Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best Mass Media Achievement</strong>, Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Best Mass Media Project</strong>, Katie Eaton of Galloway and Albie Mansfield of Egg Harbor City;&nbsp;<strong>Best TV History Achievement</strong>, Ben Ogunleye of Atlantic City;&nbsp;<strong>Best TV History Project</strong>, Jenna DeLuca of Folsom, Dylan Graef of Buena, Taylor Henry of Wildwood, and Lex Tracy of Northfield;&nbsp;<strong>Best TV History Paper</strong>, Krystal Spencer of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Film/TV Club</strong>, David Anguiano of Egg Harbor Township, and John Sanchez of Northfield; and&nbsp;<strong>Radio Club</strong>, Eric Conklin of Absecon.</p> <p>Pioneer Awards were presented to students, faculty and alumni for their dedication, including:&nbsp;<strong>Volunteer Service Award</strong>, Taylor Henry of Wildwood;&nbsp;<strong>Outstanding Academic Achievement</strong>, Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township;&nbsp;<strong>Alumni of the Year</strong>, Erin Laffey &rsquo;09 of Cape May Court House;&nbsp;<strong>Staff&nbsp;</strong><strong>Pioneers</strong>, Renee Battle of Galloway, Dorie Keener of Cologne, and Carol Melkonian of Egg Harbor City;&nbsp;<strong>Faculty Pioneers</strong>, Damiso Josey of Williamstown, Robyn McCullough of Absecon, and Melissa Palmer of Cape May Court House; and&nbsp;<strong>Student Pioneers</strong>, Jenn Bell of Egg Harbor City, Lindsey Burton of Egg Harbor Township, Jenna DeLuca of Folsom, Chris Devine of Egg Harbor Township, Jordan Ellis of Egg Harbor Township, Sarah Fertsch of Egg Harbor Township, Mark Gabriel of Cape May Court House, Phil Giangiulo of Cape May, Dylan Graef of Buena, Mike Heilman of Winslow, Nicole Mingo of Egg Harbor Township, and John Sanchez of Northfield.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Archers Compete in Eastern Regional Championships <p>The Atlantic Cape Community College Archery Team competed in the Eastern Regional Collegiate Championships April 23-24 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.</p> <p>The competition featured 14 collegiate archery teams from the East Coast, including Penn State, Columbia University, University of Connecticut, Lockhaven University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University. This was the final tournament before Atlantic Cape archers compete in the United States Collegiate National Championships, hosted by Michigan State University in May.</p> <p>In individual competition, Atlantic Cape archer Lorena Koidl of Mays Landing won the Female Bowhunter Regional Championship and was named to the &ldquo;All-East Team.&rdquo;</p> <p>Other Individual placements for Atlantic Cape archers include:</p> <p><strong>Male Compound:</strong></p> <p>Chris Ferraro (Hammonton) &ndash; 8<sup>th</sup></p> <p><strong>Female Compound:</strong></p> <p>Christina Papaycik (Egg Harbor Township) &ndash; 8<sup>th</sup></p> <p>Rosie Williams (Petersburg) &ndash; 10<sup>th</sup></p> <p>Kerri Byrne (Egg Harbor Township) &ndash; 18<sup>th</sup></p> <p><strong>Male Recurve:</strong></p> <p>Phil Holmer (Northfield) - 12<sup>th</sup></p> <p>Andrew Ciurcak (Woodbine) &ndash;15<sup>th</sup></p> <p>Jacob Verret (Absecon) &ndash; 20<sup>th</sup></p> <p><strong>Female Recurve:</strong></p> <p>Danielle Ziegler (Franklinville) &ndash; 14<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;</p> <p>Ariella Mossman (Somers Point) &ndash; 16<sup>th</sup></p> <p>Hillary Paladini (Mays Landing) &ndash; 21<sup>st</sup></p> <p><strong>Male Bowhuter:</strong></p> <p>Nick Derr (Vineland) &ndash; 14<sup>th</sup></p> <p>In team competition, Atlantic Cape&rsquo;s Mixed Compound Team (Ferraro &amp; Papaycik), Men&rsquo;s Recurve Team (Holmer, Ciurcak &amp; Verret), and Women&rsquo;s Recurve Team (Ziegler, Mossman &amp; Paladini) all finished with bronze medals. The Women&rsquo;s Compound Team (Papaycik, Williams &amp; Byrne) and the Mixed Bowhunter Team (Koidl &amp; Derr) both finished in fifth.</p> <p>Atlantic Cape&rsquo;s team is led by long-time archers Chad Affrunti of Atco and John Repnicki of Galloway. Atlantic Cape&rsquo;s archery team has a history of success, producing more than 40 All-America archers and hosting the U.S. Intercollegiate Archery Championships three times.</p> <p>For more information on Atlantic Cape&rsquo;s archery team, visit <a title="" href="../../archery"></a>.</p> Atlantic Cape and ACIT Partner to Meet Needs of Growing Aviation Industry <p>The Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) will begin preparing high school students for careers in aviation through its new Aviation Studies program located on the Mays Landing campus of Atlantic Cape Community College. The four-year program will start in September 2016, becoming ACIT&rsquo;s ninth academy program for students in grades 9-12.</p> <p>Aviation has been identified as a target industry ripe for growth and expansion in Atlantic County based upon resources such as the Federal Aviation Administration&rsquo;s William J. Hughes Technical Center, the Atlantic City International Airport, and the Stockton Aviation Research and Technology Park (ARTP).</p> <p>&ldquo;This new aviation studies program complements Atlantic County&rsquo;s efforts to make the aviation industry a key component of regional economic development as outlined in the 2015 Atlantic County Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan presented by national consultant AngelouEconomics of Austin, Texas,&rdquo; said County Executive Dennis Levinson.</p> <p>The trade, transportation and utilities industry is currently ranked third for job growth according to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and is expected to produce 63,4000 new jobs or job placement positions within the state by 2022.</p> <p>FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta has noted that aviation contributes to a $40 billion a year tourism industry in New Jersey and results in approximately 140,000 jobs. The FAA recently completed an $8 million research center at its Egg Harbor Township facility that will change the way airport runways are built.</p> <p>ACIT&rsquo;s Aviation Studies program will address the need of a growing applicant pool. Courses will include aviation studies, aviation weather, ground school, air traffic control and unmanned aerial systems, among others. Students will complete their required high school courses while earning credits leading to an Associate&rsquo;s degree in Aviation Studies.</p> <p>&ldquo;This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance our relationship with Atlantic County Institute of Technology," said Dr. Otto Hernandez, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Atlantic Cape Community College. "We have anticipated the growth of the aviation industry locally and steadily incorporated aviation-related education using state-of-the-art technology over the last 5 years. We look forward to sharing this training with students in the ACIT Aviation Academy."</p> <p>Atlantic Cape Community College offers four aviation-related degrees including Aviation Studies, Professional Pilot Option, Professional Helicopter Pilot Option and Air Traffic Control Terminal.</p> <p>&ldquo;Students will have access to the latest aviation technology at Atlantic Cape Community College as well the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in work-based structured learning environments through partnerships with Stockton ARTP, American Aerospace Technologies and industry leaders. Academy of Aviation Studies students will also be connected to their classmates on the ACIT campus as they will be eligible to participate in ACIT clubs, athletics and extracurricular activities,&rdquo; stated Dr. Philip Guenther, ACIT Superintendent.</p> <p>Students and parents interested in learning more about this unique opportunity are encouraged to attend one of two information sessions to be held at 6 PM on April 14 and April 28 at the Atlantic County Institute of Technology, 5080 Atlantic Avenue, Mays Landing.</p> <p>Applications are currently available online at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> as well as from eighth grade guidance counselors. Approximately 25-30 students will be accepted into the program each year. For questions about the application process contact Kelly McPherson at <a href="tel:%28609%29%20625-2249" target="_blank">(609) 625-2249</a> or email <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p> <p>The Aviation Studies program is being funded by a three-year, $600,000 New Jersey Department of Education Vocational School District Partnership Grant. The grant provides competitive funding for county vocational school districts to partner with other school districts and county colleges to expand access and student opportunities in career and technical education for high school students.</p> FAA Approves Unmanned Aerial System Usage by Atlantic Cape <p>Atlantic Cape Community College was issued a Certificate of Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Organization to operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems recently.</p> <p>The college was approved for the specific purpose of operating UAS for aeronautical research to measure the effectiveness of UAS to monitor and map agriculture crops. Over the next two years, Atlantic Cape will schedule and conduct a series of research flights at the Philip E. Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research and Extension in Chatsworth, which is a substation of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station of Rutgers University.</p> <p>The research gathered will aid the college&rsquo;s Aviation Studies department to design courses and programs focusing on using UAS to collect geospatial and aerial imagery data.</p> <p>Students will benefit through:</p> <ul> <li>Exposure to aeronautical research</li> <li>Participation in data collection</li> <li>Participation in pre-flight planning of research flights</li> <li>Preparation of weather reports for test range</li> <li>Post-processing of collected geospatial data.</li> </ul> <p>Since Atlantic Cape launched a special topics class on unmanned aircraft systems in January 2014, the college has acquired four UAS for demonstrations.</p> <p>The college has collaborated with the Atlantic City Police Department previously to demonstrate the uses of the unmanned aerial systems and how they can be used in law enforcement, Homeland Security, beach patrols and sea rescues.</p> Registration Underway for Classes at the Academy of Culinary Arts <p>If you&rsquo;ve always loved to cook or are ready to make a career change, it&rsquo;s time to register for fall 2015 classes at the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cape Community College. ACA classes will begin Monday, Aug. 29.</p> <p>New culinary students should contact Judy DeSalvo at 609-343-5624 or <a href=""></a> to schedule a registration appointment. Registration hours are weekdays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.&nbsp; Returning students can register online using WebAdvisor at <a href="../../webadvisor"></a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;The Academy offers two-year degree programs in culinary arts, baking and pastry, and food service management, and specialization programs in hot foods, baking and pastry, food service management and catering.</p> <p>The Academy also offers two one-year certificate programs, Baking and Pastry Certificate I and Culinary Arts Certificate I. These two-semester certificates are designed to provide students with career training for entry-level positions in the baking and pastry or culinary fields. The certificates can also be used as a foundation for completing an associate degree at the Academy of Culinary Arts.&nbsp;</p> <p>ACA students have many opportunities to gain hands-on experience throughout the year. Some activities include: Atlantic Cape Community College Restaurant Gala, Iron Student Chef Competition, American Culinary Federation&rsquo;s Junior Chefs Competition, Cha&icirc;ne des R&ocirc;tisseurs dinner, Atlantic Cape&rsquo;s Organic Greenhouse, Strudels Bakeshop, Culinary Student Association, Baking &amp; Pastry Club and food shows. Students have gone on to compete on nationally televised food shows including Chopped and The Next Food Network Star.</p> <p>Classes meet five hours a day, Monday through Friday, in morning or afternoon sessions. The ACA has been training future chefs for more than 30 years, and is accredited by the American Culinary Federation. For more information about the ACA, call 1-800-645&#8209;CHEF, email <a href=""></a> or visit <a href="../../aca"></a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The students of Atlantic Cape Community College have named Associate Professor of Communication Keith Forrest Faculty Member of the Year.</p> <p>Forrest, of Collingswood, is widely published with his essays and commentaries appearing in numerous publications including The Philadelphia Inquirer. He was also a producer at E! Entertainment in Los Angeles.</p> <p>Forrest earned an M.A. in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Women&rsquo;s Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He has an M.A. in Communication from Temple University and earned a B.A. in Communication from Rowan University. Forrest joined Atlantic Cape in fall 2004 and founded the Communication degree option in 2007, and co-founded the current A.A. program in Communication in 2012. He grew up in Cape May and is a 1984 graduate of Lower Cape May Regional High School.</p> <p>Forrest is also an accomplished runner with more than 50 medals in a variety of events including marathons, half marathons and duathalons.&nbsp;</p> <p>This is Forrest&rsquo;s third time winning Faculty Member of the Year, as he received the honor in 2014 and 2010, as well. He will be honored at the Student Government Association Banquet, Friday, April 29.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Atlantic Cape Seeks Feedback from Community on Strategic Plan <p><strong></strong>Atlantic Cape Community College seeks community feedback on its strategic plan from internal and external stakeholders. The new strategic plan will serve as the college&rsquo;s roadmap for the next five years from 2017-2021. The draft plan was prepared by a team of faculty and staff representing a cross-section of the college under the purview of the Long-Range Planning and Capital Projects Committee of the Board of Trustees. The plan was crafted with valuable input received from faculty, staff, students, alumni, academic advisory boards, Foundation Board, area chambers, four-year universities, and K-12 districts in Atlantic and Cape May counties.</p> <p>The draft plan is available and the community is encouraged to offer its feedback through a simple online form. The plan and the feedback form can be accessed at <a href="../../strategicplan/"></a>.</p> <p>The deadline to submit feedback on the proposed plan is May 10, 2016.</p> College Adds New Degrees, Courses at Cape May County Campus <p><strong></strong>Atlantic Cape Community College is adding courses toward seven new degree programs this fall at the Cape May County Campus, 341 Court House-South Dennis Road. This will enable students to earn up to nine degrees entirely in person at CMCC, including: Business Administration, Communication, Criminal Justice, Education, General Studies, Health Services, Human Services, Liberal Arts and Psychology.</p> <p>Classes for this new model will be taught in a hybrid virtual format with students at the Mays Landing Campus. The professor will divide their time between the two locations and the course will be live-streamed to the opposite campus at each class meeting.</p> <p>Virtual classes offered this fall include: Comprehensive Med Terminology, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Intro to Public Relations, Intro to Criminal Justice, Intro to Cyber Crime, Criminal Law, 19<sup>th</sup> Century American Lit, Introduction to Humanities I, Introduction to Logic, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Social Psychology.</p> <p>Additionally, Atlantic Cape continues to offer dozens of classes entirely in person as well as online courses. Some traditional format classes available at the Cape May County Campus include: Financial Accounting, Art Appreciation, General Biology I, Creative Writing I, Macroeconomics, Educational Psychology, U.S. History I, Calculus I, Child Psychology and Elementary Spanish I.</p> <p>Registration is underway for fall classes. Register in person, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or online via WebAdvisor at <a href="../../webadvisor"></a>. For more information, email <a href=""></a> or call (609) 463-3960.</p> Academy of Culinary Arts Names Iron Student Chefs <p>Fifteen culinary students showed their passion for food and competed in the 12th annual Iron Student Chef competition at the Academy of Culinary Arts located at Atlantic Cape Community College&rsquo;s Mays Landing Campus, April 25.</p> <p>At 9:40 a.m. sharp, it was time to start the competition coordinated by ACA Chef Educator Vincent Tedeschi of Northfield. The students were organized into three teams. Each team received a &ldquo;College Student Convenience Market Basket,&rdquo; a new spin on the yearly competition, consisting of four ingredients: chicken flavored ramen noodles, Bisquick, minute rice and yogurt. The teams were given 15 minutes to create recipes and 90 minutes to execute their dishes, using one of the ingredients in each of their four courses.</p> <p>The teams were given a variety of other ingredients and told to produce three plates for each dish, one for display, and the others for judging.</p> <p>The first place trophy-winning team included: Matthew Hennessey of Buena, John Martucci of Sicklerville, Austin Lucas of New Gretna, Allen Davis of Riverside and Danielle Ziegler of Franklinville.</p> <p>The second place team, silver medal winners: Kyle Timpson of Dennis Township, Thomas Anastasia of Brigantine, Kris Brown of Vineland, Juliana Ileshi of Pitman and Morgan Thielman of Burlington.</p> <p>The bronze medal, third place team: Moises Vera of Absecon, Luis Batista of Atlantic City, David Smith of Waretown, Thomas Louis of Blackwood and Amanda Giamporcaro of Blue Anchor.</p> <p>The winning team&rsquo;s menu consisted of Savory Ramen Noodles Profiteroles with a Roasted Garlic and Cheese Stuffing, Minute Rice Beef Pho, Spinach and Goat Cheese Crepe with Cognac Cream Sauce, and Lemon Yogurt Meringue Tartlet with Blueberry Coulis Sauce.</p> <p>ACA Director of Culinary Operations Chef Bruce Johns and Chef Stephen Serano, chef owner of Caf&eacute; Loren in Avalon and adjunct instructor at the Academy of Culinary Arts, were this year&rsquo;s tasting judges. Kitchen judges were ACA chef educators Daniel Matt and Linda Wohlman.</p> <p>Judging was based on a possible 50 points, including 10 points each for flavor, knowledge of item, presentation, originality and sanitation. Teams lost 10 points for lateness and 10 points if kitchen/lab clean up was not satisfactory.</p> <p>Each student received a medal and a knife from Mercer Cutlery. The winning team also received a trophy and choice of a cookbook.</p> <p>The Academy hosts the Iron Student Chef competition each spring. The Academy offers two-year degree programs in culinary arts, baking and pastry, and food service management, and specialization programs in hot foods, baking and pastry, food service management and catering. Full-time classes meet five hours a day,&nbsp;Monday&nbsp;through&nbsp;Friday, in morning and afternoon sessions. Registration for the fall semester is under way. For more information about the ACA, call 1-800-645&#8209;CHEF, email&nbsp;<a href=""></a> or visit&nbsp;<a href="../../aca"></a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Deadline Extended to May 13 for Previti and Marjorie Ward Scholarships <p>The deadline has been extended to May 13 for the&nbsp;Previti and Marjorie Ward Scholarships.</p> <p><span>Applications are available online:</span></p> <p><a href="../../finaid/previti-family-scholarship.htm" target="_blank"></a><br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"><br /></a></p> College to Offer Unmanned Aerial Systems Course for First Responders <p><strong></strong>Atlantic Cape Community College will offer a new workshop this spring on Small Unmanned Aircraft System and the First Responder.</p> <p>Unmanned aircraft are poised to impact aspects of emergency management. This eight-hour workshop is designed for the first responder who is interested in exploring the applications of sUAS in the field and includes demonstration, ground instruction, simulated flight training and indoor hands-on flight training. The workshop will also cover federal regulations, current sUAS technology, and considerations when purchasing sUAS.</p> <p>The workshop is offered:</p> <ul> <li>9 a.m.-1 p.m., May 31 &amp; June 2</li> </ul> <ul> <li>1-5 p.m., May 31 &amp; June 2</li> </ul> <ul> <li>9 a.m.-1 p.m., June 6 &amp; 8</li> </ul> <ul> <li>1-5 p.m., June 6 &amp; 8</li> </ul> <ul> <li>9 a.m.-1 p.m., June 7 &amp; 9</li> </ul> <ul> <li>1-5 p.m., June 7 &amp; 9</li> </ul> <p>Classes meet at the Mays Landing Campus, 5100 Black Horse Pike. Cost is $159. For information or to register, call (609) 343-5655.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Judge H. Robert Switzer to Serve as Atlantic Cape Commencement Speaker <p>The Honorable H. Robert Switzer of Egg Harbor Township will deliver the keynote address at Atlantic Cape Community College&rsquo;s 49<sup>th</sup> annual commencement, 11 a.m., Thursday, May 19, at the Mays Landing Campus, 5100 Black Horse Pike.</p> <p>Switzer was hired in 1980 by Hamilton Township, making him the youngest municipal judge in New Jersey.&nbsp;In addition to a judgeship in Hamilton Township, he&nbsp;serves as municipal judge in Egg Harbor Township and Estell Manor.&nbsp;</p> <p>Switzer has been a member in good standing of the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Federal bars since 1975. During his distinguished career, Switzer has heard countless cases.</p> <p>He serves as vice-chair of the Supreme Court Committee on Municipal Court practice, and as lecturer and presenter of various courses designed to educate and train judges, attorneys and court administrators in New Jersey Municipal Court Practice and Substantive Law. He was the creator and primary author for a separate stand-alone Part VII Rules of the Court, which govern the procedure used in all N.J. Municipal Courts. Following an eight-year process of design of the new rules, the N.J. Supreme Court approved the revision in 1997.</p> <p>In 1985, he created and organized Atlantic County&rsquo;s shoplifting course. Those who appear before him for shoplifting have received a suspended jail sentence on condition they attend his one-day course. In the course, offenders meet with jail inmates and learn what it is like to be incarcerated, thereby &ldquo;scaring them straight.&rdquo; They are told that if they are convicted on a second offense, they automatically go to jail.</p> <p>Switzer wrote Bismarck&rsquo;s Changes in Foreign and Domestic Policy, 1878-84, published by Duke University Press, and A Re-examination of Boycott Per-Se Rule in Antitrust Law, published in 48 Temple Law Quarterly 126 (1974).&nbsp;</p> <p>He holds a J.D. from Temple University School of Law and an A.B. in History from Duke University. Switzer was recognized in 2009 as Atlantic Cape&rsquo;s Beacons by the Sea Visiting Professor, and currently adjuncts at the college in his spare time.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Atlantic Cape Hosts Solar Energy Panel Program May 12 <p>Atlantic Cape Community College will offer &ldquo;Solar Energy Panels: Is It An Option For You,&rdquo; 6-9 p.m., Thursday, May 12, at the Mays Landing Campus, 5100 Black Horse Pike, Building T.</p> <p>The two-hour program will explain how the solar industry operates and address differences between leasing or buying a photovoltaic system. Participants will understand the implications of the 30 percent tax credit and how its expiration at the end of 2016 will impact consumers and the industry as a whole, as well as uncover New Jersey&rsquo;s role in the solar industry and clarify industry jargon. Cost is $29.</p> <p>For more information or to register, visit <a href="../../conted"></a> or call (609) 343-5655.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Earn Credits Online This Summer at Atlantic Cape <p>Atlantic Cape Community College will offer more than 100 classes online this summer to accommodate a range of schedules and lifestyles. Whether you&rsquo;re a current student, recent high school graduate or attending a four-year college and home for the summer, you can earn credits toward your degree in just a few weeks.</p> <p>In-person registration hours are weekdays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit <a href="../../summer"></a> to view summer and fall class schedules and to register online.</p> <p>Some courses offered during the first six-week session, May 23-June 30, include:</p> <p>Financial Accounting, Art Appreciation, Business Ethics, Composition I, Creative Writing I, Earth Science, College Algebra and Principles of Sociology.</p> <p>During the second session, which is eight weeks, June 27-Aug. 18, classes include: Principles of Management, Intro to Computers, Criminal Investigation, Western World II, Calculus I, Child Psychology, World Religions and Technical Communication.</p> <p>Course offered during the six-week third session, July 11-Aug. 18, include: Managerial Accounting, The Human Body, Fundamentals of Nutrition, Literature for Children, Precalculus, Intro to Business and Concepts of Physical Fitness.</p> <p>It is recommended students taking online courses possess excellent organizational and time management skills.</p> <p>Payment for summer classes is due at the time of registration. The college accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. To register online or view an updated schedule of summer and fall courses, visit<a href="../../summer"></a>. For more information, email <a href=""></a> or call (609) 343-5000, 625-1111, ext. 5000, or 463-3960 in Cape May County.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>