SSS Services

Personal Counseling

You are assigned a personal counselor who will assist you with any issues that may affect your academic progress. Counselors make referrals to community agencies when necessary.

Academic Advisement

Your SSS counselor is assigned as your academic advisor and will assist you in the adjustment to the college environment and developing an academic plan.


Free academic assistance is offered outside the classroom. Individualized tutoring is available on a limited basis for developmental English and math courses. Content courses and ESL tutoring are also available through the Learning Assistance Center free of charge. Contact your counselor to obtain information on individualized tutoring for development English and math courses.

Professor Feedback

Academic progress is monitored by requesting at least one evaluation from professors each semester.

Career/Leadership Bootcamp

Series of experiential career and leadership workshops offered that are designed to promote post-college transition and leadership skills.


Workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year on a variety of topics that enhance college success.

Transfer Initiative

Group and individualized assistance is available to help you with the transfer process. Assistance is also offered to assist you in securing financial aid at the upper division school. As least one visitation to a four-year college is planned each semester.

Career Development

Assistance is provided to aid you in determining compatible careers. We have computer-based career planning programs, written assessments (individual sessions), workshops and seminars are utilized.

Retention Management

You and your counselor will develop appropriate intervention strategies that will aid in your academic success.

Cultural Activities

Educational and cultural activities are planned throughout the year that encourage individual development, enhance cultural enrichment and increase knowledge of educational and career opportunities. Activities include but are not limited to plays, lectures, and visits to transfer institutions. For more information, please contact Krista Schmidt at or (609) 343-5641.