Identification Cards

identification card

All students are issued an Atlantic Cape photo identification card with proof of current registration and a valid photo ID (ex.: driver license/passport). This card must be carried at all times and must be updated at the beginning of each semester (proof of enrollment needed).

Students eligible for financial aid need Atlantic Cape student ID cards to receive book checks from the business office. The ID is required to obtain materials from the library, use the computer labs, sell books back to the bookstore, participate in sports, use the recreation equipment in the Student Life Center and Fitness Center and gain admission to College-sponsored events.

NEW! Students with valid Atlantic Cape Student ID card will receive tax exemption on all Golden Corral purchases made in the Campus Cafeteria.

Photo ID cards are issued in the

  • Student Life Center on the Mays Landing Campus, J building, first floor. Evening students may contact (609) 343-5010 for night schedules. Evening hours for Fall 2014 semester are Aug. 31 - Sept. 3 until 7 p.m. 
  • Student Services area, on the Atlantic City Campus, room 145
  • Student Services area, on the Cape May Campus, first floor
  • WACC and CMCC students may obtain IDs at those centers according to posted hours.
  • A $5 fee is charged to replace lost cards.

ID cards must be worn at all times at all three campuses. 

New Students: must have a photo ID and class schedule

Returning students: Student ID and class schedule

Replacement ID card: $5 fee, must go to the business office first and pay and show receipt to the student life personnel.

All students who enter the Worthington Atlantic City or Cape May County campuses are required to prominently display their College-issued Student Identification Card to security when entering the building. The ID must be worn in the building at all times. There are no exceptions.

A student who has forgotten his/her ID card is required to report to security to sign for and receive a Temporary ID. The temporary ID must be returned to security when leaving. A student who has not yet applied for his/her ID is required to report to security to sign for and receive a temporary ID and then proceed to the  Welcome Center at WACC and the Front Desk at CMCC to be issued his/her Student ID.

Questions concerning ID cards should be addressed to Lisa Givens via email, or telephone (609) 343-5010.