Student Government Association Executive Board

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The 2016-17 SGA Executive Board

  • President - Lidangela Guzman-Palacios
  • Vice President - Courtney Hartman
  • Secretary - Meghan Griffie Clark
  • Treasurer - Lori Ann Guenther
  • Club Coordinator - Eric D. Smith 
  • Programming Chair- Demetrius Letson
  • Sophomore Senators - Open
  • Freshmen Senators - McKenna Dunlap, Sangida Akpher

Information on How to Start a Club

New Clubs

Students interested in beginning a new club may do so by completing a Club Charter Packet. To complete the Club Charter Packet, students are to:

  • Submit a constitution and by-laws describing the organization's purpose, member criteria, privileges, roles, responsibilities, and election procedures. Where SGA and college policies or regulations are conflicting with the club's constitution and by-laws, the SGA and college's policies or regulations shall take precedence.
  • Submit a copy of the constitution or other governance documents such as article of incorporation of the external organization, if the organization is affiliating with other off-campus organization or chapter for the college and SGA approval.
  • Should conflict arise, the SGA and the college policies and regulations shall supersede those of the external organization.
  • Submit a roster with names of all registered students seeking membership currently enrolled at Atlantic Cape Community College. Four of the five must be officers (i.e. President, Secretary, Treasurer and Club Representative). (See Student Club Activation Roster Form)
  • Have an advisor who is currently employed with the college either as a faculty or administrative staff.
  • Agree to open membership of all students who meet the organization prescribed membership criteria without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

All completed Club Charter Packets must be submitted to the advisor of the Executive Board of the Student Government Association who shall have the sole authority to review and determine if recognition should be granted to a newly proposed club. The Executive Board shall deny any club who did not satisfactorily meet the above requirements or a club whose purpose and mission duplicates an existing club. If the purpose and mission of a proposed club is not consistent with the educational platform of the college and SGA chapter, the Executive Board may also deny said club.

The The Student Government Association operates under the mandate of the Atlantic Cape Student Government Constitution and Bylaws.