Assessment Committee

Assessment Committee


  • To develop a college-wide assessment plan that reflects input from all academic departments.
  • To review recent reports submitted to Middle States and determine areas of college needs in terms of assessment.
  • To communicate regularly with all academic departments regarding yearly assessment process. Members shall periodically report to their respective departments about the committee's activities and progress and ask for comments and suggestions.
  • To review all assessments submitted by faculty.
  • To conduct a faculty workshop(s) on classroom assessment methods.
  • To keep apprised of current materials on outcomes assessment.

Committee Charges

Reports and Meeting Minutes

Committee Membership

Membership - Voting: One full-time faculty member from each department, two if possible; one counselor/librarian. No department chairs shall serve on the Assessment Committee. 

2022-2023 Committee Membership
Department Name Term Expires
Math Claude Fortune 05/2023 (2nd Term)
Science John Stratton 05/2023 (2nd Term)
Social Science Donna Marie McElroy 05/2023
BISAS Bill Lemons 05/2024 (2nd Term)
English & Speech Kathryn Frew 05/2024
ESL Gwen McIntyre 05/2024
Arts & Humanities Rita Michalenko 05/2024
Science Francis Toriello - VICE CHAIR 05/2024
Math Lee Collins - CHAIR 05/2025 (2nd Term)
Nursing & Health Sciences Deborah Dagrosa 05/2025
BISAS Anthony Esposito 05/2025
BISAS Karl Giulian 05/2025
ACA & Hospitality Ruth LaTorre 05/2025

2022-2023 Advisory Members
Title Name
Director, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment Luis Montefusco
Director, Academic Program Effectiveness Gwen Setley


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