Academic Equity Committee

Academic Equity Committee


  • To promote awareness of and sensitivity to the identities and needs of all human beings regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.
  • To suggest strategies that support an inclusive and culturally-sensitive classroom environment and college community.

Committee Charges

Reports and Meeting Minutes

Committee Membership

Membership - Voting: Whenever possible, one full-time faculty member from each department and one counselor/librarian.

2022-2023 Membership
Committee Members
Department Name Term Expires
Counseling Lynette Ingram - CHAIR 05/2023 (2nd Term)
Math Al Jou 05/2023 (2nd Term)
Arts & Humanities Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan 05/2023
BISAS Svetlana Marzelli 05/2023
Social Science Madeline Barrows 05/2024
Science Zhe June Xu 05/2025 (2nd Term)
ACA & Hospitality Annmarie Chelius 05/2025
Counseling Rashawn Martin 05/2025
English & Speech Maryann McCall 05/2025
Nursing & Health Science Danielle Nicastro 05/2025
BISAS Otto Hernandez 05/2025


Advisory Members

Title Name
Director, Center for Accessibility Chad Bullock
Senior Manager, Campus Operations & Community Outreach Victor Moreno