Academic Integrity Committee

Academic Integrity Committee


  • To ensure and maintain integrity in the academic credit courses offered by Atlantic Cape Community College. This includes those on-campus, in hybrid environments, online, and those offered off-campus.
  • To review agreements, policies, courses of action, and delivery of dual credit, concurrent enrollment, and articulation agreements for courses offered to high school students. 
  • To explore methods of collaboration with high school administration and faculty.

Committee Charges

Reports and Meeting Minutes

Committee Membership

Membership - Voting: Whenever possible, one full-time faculty member from each department and one counselor/librarian.

2022 - 2023

Committee Members
Department Name Term Expires
Math Michelle Leacott 05/2023
ACA & Hospitality Joseph Sheridan 05/2023
BISAS Bill Dougherty 05/2024
Arts & Humanities Keith Forrest 05/2024
Science Barbara Heard 05/2024
Social Science Lisa Stein 05/2024
Nursing & Health Sciences Erin DeLong 05/2025
Social Science Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz-CHAIR 05/2025
Arts & Humanities Augustine Nigro 05/2025
English & Speech Janet Marler 05/2025
Counseling Lauree Klein 05/2025

Advisory Members
Title Name
Director, Academic Support Services Janet Hauge
Senior Director, Center for Student Success Stacey Zacharoff
Senior Manager, Early College Programs Kayla Scannell