Atlantic Cape and Middle States

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The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) is an internationally recognized organization whose offices are located in Philadelphia, PA. MSCHE evaluates degree-granting institutions of higher education and helps these institutions improve their programs and services.

The degrees we grant at Atlantic Cape would have little meaning without the stamp of approval from Middle States. Many of our students transfer to four-year schools and go on for graduate degrees and, because our college is accredited by Middle States, those other colleges and universities do not question the validity of our graduates' credits.

The academic programs and services provided at Atlantic Cape are reviewed every eight years to ensure they are up to the standards set by Middle States for all degree-granting institutions in their geographic region. The Middle States standards are outlined in their publication, Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation Thirteenth Edition (this can be downloaded from the Middle States web site.)

Middle States reaffirmed Atlantic Cape’s accreditation in June 2018 after the College submitted a Self-Study, Charting a Course for the Next 50 Years, in February 2018 and underwent an Evaluation Team Visit, conducted by representatives from peer institutions, in April 2018.

Development of the College's Self-Study was charged by the President to the Self-Study Steering Committee, led by a faculty member and an administrator and comprised of co-chairs from eight working groups. Seven of those working groups wrote chapters showing compliance with Middle States’ seven standards, and one working group completed the Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations.