Policy No. 105

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 

Description: Cancellation of Classes

A. Prior announcement by the instructor
Cancellation of a class may be necessary because of the sudden illness or unexpected absence of an instructor too late for a substitute to be assigned.

Students will be notified of the cancellation by a notice posted on the classroom door or delivered in person by another instructor. Further study assignments may be given out by the same means.

In the event of the cancellation of an evening class, efforts will be made to contact students in advance by telephone.

B. Instructor's unannounced absence
If an instructor is late for a class, students should wait at least ten minutes after the scheduled starting time of the class. After such time students may leave without prejudice, but one student should inform the Division Office of the instructor's absence.

C. Inclement weather
In case of severe weather conditions or emergency situations which could affect the regular schedule of College classes, announcement of the cancellation of classes will be carried on all local radio stations. All announcements should be noted carefully since on certain occasions only morning, afternoon, or night classes may be canceled. Also, only a specific location may be closed, e.g. City Center or Cape May.


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