Baking and Pastry Professional

Professional Skills Series

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Baking and Pastry Professional


The Professional Skills Series provides you with the foundational skills necessary to secure a position in the culinary field.

This program offers instruction in: 

  • ServSafe Manager Certification: The ServSafe Food Safety Training Program will teach students to recognize the responsibilities involved in the prevention of foodborne illnesses. The training also will help foodservice workers understand the importance of proper storage, food preparation, cleaning, and sanitizing to ensure safe food handling. 
  • Piping and Pastry Bag Skills: An introductory class covering a variety of border designs, flowers, balloons, and other cake decorations. Students will also learn to work with chocolate and royal icing for run-outs and garnishes. Students will develop skills in cake writing. 
  • Pastry: Focus on organization, equipment, pastry bag techniques, specialty ingredients, chocolate work, decorating, garnishes, and classic pastry shop items. 
  • Artisan Bread Baking: Learn to make exceptional bread using old-world recipes and modern techniques. This course will teach you the use of different grains and techniques, including dense bread with crispy crusts using artisan flavors such as asiago cheese, potato, and rosemary olive oil. 
  • Commercial Baking: This class helps students develop applicable skills using a commercially produced product. Start by preparing basic staples of a commercial bakery and then transform them into plated desserts, specialty items, signature, and unique creations. This is the actual function of a commercial bakeshop. Students will be challenged to use staples to express their creativity. 

CULI-508 (160 hours)
Fee: $2,299 (Tuition/Lab: $1,729, Supplies: $570) 

  • Section AW01-Worthington Atlantic City Campus
    Monday-Thursday, beginning October 24 (ends December 19), 5-10 p.m.



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