Oracle Database Design, Programming and GIS Specialist

Oracle Database Design, Programming and GIS Specialist

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The Oracle Database Design and Programming and GIS Specialist Professional Series provides students with the knowledge needed for one of the fastest growing industries of our time. Students will learn to design and program using a live Oracle server with curriculum provided by the Oracle Corporation. Also, there will be an in-depth study of the current GIS systems and their uses. The Specialist series provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in the common areas of database design, programming and GIS techniques and to update their technological skills and improve employability.

For additional information, please contact department chair, Dr. Otto Hernandez.

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Analyze geospatial data;
  • Design and develop a distributed database;
  • Organize geospatial data using a distributed database;
  • Present geospatial data in the form of a map.
program requirements
Courses Credits
CISM125-Introduction to Computers
GIST101-Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GIST150-Geospatial Data Collection
CISM167-Programming in Oracle SQL
CISM170-Database Design using Oracle