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Earn Your Bachelor's Degree at Atlantic Cape

Save money at Atlantic Cape and earn the bachelor's degree you want!

With Our 3+1 Program, Complete 3 Years Toward Your Bachelor’s Degree at Atlantic Cape's Tuition Rate!

Atlantic Cape will help you save money through our exclusive 3+1 Bachelor's Degree Program with our affiliated 4-year universities! Here is how it works: Earn your associate's degree in your select major, then take your junior year here at Atlantic Cape at a reduced tuition rate and complete your bachelor's degree at either Stockton University, Thomas Edison State University or Rutgers University. You may seamlessly transfer up to 90 credits towards the completion of your bachelor’s degree.

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4-Year University Partners

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Degree(s) Available:
Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science in Advanced and Continuous Studies.

This degree will teach you essential written, oral and visual communication skills with an emphasis on human psychology.

Tuition rate for Atlantic Cape is $146.10 per credit hour, totaling $13,149. The cost for the final year at Stockton University is $463 per credit hour, totaling $13,890. Total cost for the degree is $27,039.

Career Outlook:
A degree in Advanced and Continuous Studies allows you to secure a job in virtually any industry in the area, such as state and local government, hospitality, health sciences and education.

logo of TESU

Degree(s) Available:
Associate degree of your choice; matched with over 50 bachelor's degrees.

TESU will accept your associate degree and arrange for you to finish your junior year at Atlantic Cape. You may choose your degree from over 50 programs. 

Tuition rate for Atlantic Cape is $146.10 per credit hour, totaling $13,149. The cost for the final year at TESU is a flat rate of $7,372. Total cost for the degree is approximately $20,521. Individual degrees and programs may have higher tuition costs.

Career Outlook:
With over 50 degrees, your career outlook may vary. Speak to your advisor to receive guidance on what career path is right for you.

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Degree(s) Available:
Bachelor of Science in Nursing offered through the Rutgers-Camden School of Nursing.

Open to students who hold an RN license and have successfully completed an associate's degree in Nursing. Students complete 90 credits worth of coursework, which includes 33 transfer credits, awarded for successfully passing NCLEX. 

Tuition rate for Atlantic Cape is $146.10 per credit hour, totaling $13,149. The cost for the final year at Rutgers University is $502 per credit hour for part-time (1-11 credits) or $7,550 total for two semester if attending full-time (12+ credits). The total cost of the degree is $28,249.

Career Outlook:
A degree in Nursing allows you to pursue a wide variety of careers in the Healthcare industry.

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3+1 FAQs

A 3+1 program is a college term stating that three years of a typical four-year bachelor's degree are completed at a community college at the respective community college's tuition rate, while the senior year is completed at/through the 4-year university.

Our 3+1 program with Stockton University allows you to earn an Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Advanced and Continuous Studies. Our program with TESU is open to all associate's degree programs, but you will need to speak with an academic advisor to determine the best academic path for you. At Rutgers University, RN's may earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Each degree is different, but classes may be taken online, in-person, remote or hybrid.

Your freshman, sophomore and junior years will be completed at Atlantic Cape, while your senior year will be completed at/through your 4-year university.

Each program requires a formal application through our One-Stop Welcome Center. If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to speak to your academic advisor first for the best guidance.